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They're gonna have difficulty getting Cain over as a badass if they just waltz him around like a dad in his late 30s, without really establishing how much of a bad motherfucker he was with UFC clips killing Big Nog, JDS, Brock and Bigfoot etc. He wasn't ever a real "talker" per se, didn't have any perceivable charisma and didn't look like a goddamn killer like Soszynski or peak werewolf Arlovski, so it'll be leaning on WWE "creative" to help get him over, something they're so great at.


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Y'all would know better than I would, but if the WWE really wanted Cain, wouldn't he benefit greatly from debuting on NXT? Make him this just killer, crushing folks. Seems the crowd at NXT would know him, pop for him, give him much needed in ring time, on the mic time, etc.

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