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Ken Shamrock somehow looking ripped, and saggy at the same time
[DOUBLEPOST=1571625424,1571624268][/DOUBLEPOST]Brian Cage would be a nice answer to AEW's size problem
I think he’s a free agent (as far as big companies go)because nobody wants to tackle that level of overt steroid use with a straight face.


Your tears don't fall...
This is what it looks like when you fucked something up so bad that you are trying to literally tell everyone that you wont fuck it up quite that bad this time.

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Also I mean are they going to wrestle in perpetuity? Can the match not be stopped for pinfall or submission?
According to the interwebs, Becky is going to come out and save Seth after he takes a savage beating.

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Do they not make the WWE women wear the full hijabs?
I think when they worked UAE, the women wore rashguard-like power ranger jumpsuits, but no hijab. I don't think they'll do anything with the women until they can manipulate the narrative to help propagate and whitewash the regime and when that happens, they're going to promote the shit out of it ahead of time.


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Probably mad you didn't give him a discount on his last video game purchase.
He was a prick to a friend of mine at dragon con last year and was appearantly overall just drunk and obnoxious all weekend. He got pissed off that she called him Xavier. Likely he tweeted something and I saw an opportunity to be a smartass and took it haha. You know you got em when they don't even reply they just block you.

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