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Who's #1 P4P?

  • DJ

  • Jones

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I don't see Bisping as an option on the list to vote for???

I would take Cormier over Jones. Switch bodies and see who wins.
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Good thread. I know some people hate talking about p4p because it's inherently subjective, it's hard to even pretend to pin down.

I think there are two main schools of thought on the subject, the one I adhere most closely to is basing your subjective belief on a fighter's skill sets and attempting to reckon for size advantage or disadvantage. I've also seen discussion where a fighter's record is looked at and size isn't a factor--to my mind, this was the most commonly employed method when Anderson was getting accolades and has since been passed to jones.

Personally, I have DJ far and away above jones. For that matter, I've also got Cruz and Aldo ahead of jones as well--Aldo even after McGregor KTFOd him. Looking at skillsets and size relative to their competition, I think they're all more well-rounded fighters than jon, and have not only fought better competition, they've fought better competition while their opponents were still in their primes...and most of them gave up size to those game, prime opponents.

Certainly, jones has fought a murderer's row of opponents--but he's also sported double digit length advantages while doing so, and most of that murderer's row was well past their prime when he faced them. Not to mention the nonsense about fighting middleweights.

quoted Rivet so I could pretend he's still posting here. Plus I agree.


Its Jones, lets look at their resumes, how many loses do they have, who have they fought, and the fighters they have beaten who have those fighters beaten.

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