Universal Health care



Speaking as a Canadian, this is unfortunately what happens. Everything has a Pro and Con, while I dont need to pay to have stiches put in if I slice myself open, depending on how serious it is, I could be waiting a few hours to have it done.

Right now in NB theres a huge debate regarding or Health Ministers stance on partial privatization of healthcare. He doesnt want to entirely privatize it, but wants some privatization to help with wait times at the ER or Outpatients, and waiting lists for organ donations.

People are afraid that once this is implemented, the whole Healthcare sector will become privatized. Universal healthcare is something Canadians pride themselves in. Sure our taxes are at 14% right now, but if that means I can get away with keeping a little extra in pocket in the event something serious happens, I'll take a shot in the mouth.
Hah if you slice yourself now in the US your wait time could be a couple hours depending on how serious it is. And here in the us, there are waiting lists for organ donors too.

As I stated earlier, the problem is that there is a group of Americans who either chose not to have health care, can't afford it, or their employer provides shitty coverage. Now part of this group of people doesn't realize that they already get government aid for their health care in the form of Medicaid. All you have to do is fill out the paper work. A lot of my friends realized this while they were putting themselves through law school and have used it. So now we are left with the group of people who earn too much to qualify for medicaid and chose not to either pay for it themselves or their coverage from their employer sucks.

It is these people who need the universal health care plan. That's it. And i think that the government should allow American citizens to be able to buy into the same health care plan that our government has. Why? Because we pay for it for other people already.

Now with regards to the waiting list theory that so many people are afraid of, I just don't see it happening. The cancer patient who can't get treatment is a favorite line of crap that I hear the most often.

Hospitals won't be put onto a schedule for you can only use the cancer treatment stuff between the hours of noon and 3 Monday through Friday. They will still operate as normal. And what are the odds that the hospitals will suddenly get over full with cancer patients and not be able to handle it? Not likely.

The biggest issue that I have is that the ER gets the most shit out of anybody in the hospital with OB being a close 2nd. When you are in the ER just wait like everybody else. Because if it was a true emergency you would have already been seen by a doctor.

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