UFC on ESPN 2: Barboza vs Gaethje - Results and Post Fight Discussion (1 Viewer)

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Good post fight interview by JG

JG is a fighters fighter. WHO is he fighting next is what I want to know.

There are so many damn fan favorite fights that I would love to see JG in, past and present fighters.


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That eye poke was unfortunate though.... Really fucked with Edson for a chunk of that fight (as short as it was). You could tell he was just trying to clinch and hold on for a bit until he could see again.

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Out of the many explosive fights that JG could be in, one that catches my eye is JG VS Al Laquinta. Because Al is a fucking psycho, too. That shit would be an absolute barn burner.

JG VS Pettis anyone?

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JG's stock just shot up high. There really isn't a fight at LW, including Khabib, that you wouldn't love to see right now after that. I want to see him fight everyone above him except for Kevin Lee.

It's too bad Nate has been inactive cause that would also be a fucking fantastic match up if Nate was in top form.

Apparently Kevin Lee is a WW now anyway.

If JG ever went to WW, Masvidal and Lawler would be gold, too.
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You go out there and fight light that you are going to get paid. Is Justin ever in a boring fight. That guy just puts it all out there. I say pay this dude a bunch of money because by the time he’s done he’s going to need a bunch of medical care.

I would like to see Justin face Al next. Or shit give him someone like Diego or Lauzon.


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I find it awkward AF when the commentator lobbies for a fight with the main event winner on camera. They should make sure that doesn't happen. It's cheap and cringeworthy.

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Felder volunteered to fight JG? Great response by JG. I love Felder but JG deserves a higher ranked opponent after that performance. I am sure it would make for a great fight though.


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JG will always have a job with the UFC at this rate. Get this man a title shot soon.

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Gaethje is a straight savage and a killer but he even held himself back from hitting Edson again after he fell stiff. He was coming down on top of him though to deliver it but could see Edson was done.

Just bleed lol

He might actually kill Diego so that might be a bad fight.

Ah fuck it, make it happen.
Prime Diego VS JG would have been another great display of aggression.

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