"UFC on ABC: Holloway vs. Kattar" Live Discussion *Spoilers* EARLY START 12:00 p.m. ET


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Sep 29, 2009
Fucking Brutal
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Kattar is going to be different after this
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No look punch while talking to the commentators
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Aug 27, 2008
Yo if DC mentions this fight being stopped one more fuckin' time


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Nov 29, 2014
Would it be possible for Holloway to learn to sit down on his punches more, or does he just lack power?


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Aug 27, 2008
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Just watched the fight. Great championship title defense by Max. That was crazy how Kattar survived that onslaught in the fourth. Max looked really sharp throughout all 5 rounds though. His boxing looked good -- more body shots and better head movement than we're used to seeing from him, which is great. Added to his relentless pressure and volume, that was an absolute clinic.

Great performance. The only negative I would say was that he hung around in the pocket a little too long every now and then and ate some shots that might have put a lesser chinned fighter down.

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Feb 2, 2011
I heard that there were talks of starting a Calvin Kattar’s Life Matters movement after that fight. Calvin Kattar never needs to go to church again because Mad Max cleansed his soul in there. Kattar’s toughness was otherworldly at the same time, yet it delivered him supreme punishment.

Max changes his opponents lives when he has his way. If he can, he will drag your spirit so very far out into deep water and leave you there. After the final bell rings and the fight is over, you either sink or try swimming all the way back. Either way, you will not be the same. Look at Ortega.

Max’s sequence where he was yelling at the end was an absolute classic. The man slips a punch and drills Kattar with a filthy jab that just said “fuck you” all over it while not even looking because he was screaming to the commentators that he’s the best. Clowned him so hard at the end. Just takes a huge handful of salt and drives it deep into Kattar’s heart.

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