UFC Lightweight Champion Khabib Nurmagomedov *Spoilers*


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Sep 7, 2015
Jones the GOAT then fedor,GSP and Mighty Mouse. Khabib creeping into the conversation
The roided asterisk?
I like the list above. But might put Cormier and Dominick Cruz up there as well.

If Jones is "asterisked", then Cormier is number 1. And losing to Stipe when you are in your 40s should not be taken as a black mark on your record. Even without Jones asterisked, I might have Cormier 1 or 2, lets see how Khabib does when he is 38 fighting the young lions.

Cruz was so dominant until the injuries.


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Dec 3, 2014
Tony's in trouble because he decided to swim in a freezing river? Ok lol.

Really sucks he wants to wait till March for the fight. This fight needs to like 4 years ago. If Tony cant stop him I don't see him losing to anyone else in the top 5.


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Nov 25, 2011
Oh Sniggles, you silly boob
I miss my autocorrect changing sniggles to snuggles. And I miss him to. Hope he’s living his best life. Maybe as a bisexual hipster taking peyote with a monocle and knock off rolex on.


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Aug 28, 2008
phoenix, Arizona
Conor with the bitch faux tap, didn't work, sonny.
man oh man that was interesting.

His dad did a really good job of keeping those other boys in check. That's going to be a huge loss in his corner. Shit in his entire fight life it's going to change.

I think though, at this point, Khabib knows what to do, he just needs someone else close to him to keep him focused and grounded.

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