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Dan Henderson says Khabib Nurmagomedov would definitely 'beat the piss' out of Conor McGregor
Conor McGregor made UFC history last week when he effortlessly defeated Eddie Alvarez to capture the lightweight title and become the first UFC fighter to hold two belt simultaneously. It was a remarkable feat, one that had never been done before inside the Octagon, however future UFC Hall of Famer Dan Henderson believes McGregor's reign as two-division champion could be a short one.

"I think that kid that fought last weekend, I have trouble with his name, Magomedov, the Russian kid, that's at 155 -- I think he would definitely give Conor a huge problem," Henderson said Friday on The Adam Carolla Show, referring to undefeated lightweight contender Khabib Nurmagomedov.

"I think he definitely would take him down and beat the piss out of him."

After being sidelined for all of 2015 with injuries, Nurmagomedov made a resounding statement last Saturday at UFC 205, destroying fellow lightweight contender Michael Johnson with a relentless ground-and-pound assault, and even talking extensively to Johnson and UFC president Dana White while doing it.

The performance cemented Nurmagomedov as one of the top contenders for the title at 155 pounds and came on the undercard of McGregor's big New York showcase in Madison Square Garden.

Though, after watching McGregor pick Alvarez apart en route to a highlight-reel second-round knockout, Henderson admitted that he is starting to come around on the Irishman's abilities.

"I don't dislike him," Henderson said of McGregor. "I think it took me a while to kinda get onboard with him, just to see a little bit more well-roundedness. He's always shown that he's got good hands, good kicks, but to see him against a couple different wrestlers that had good hands, it took me awhile to get onboard with him. I think Eddie just did not fight a smart fight whatsoever. He didn't use his wrestling whatsoever."

Henderson, 46, also said that he doubted the much-discussed fantasy match-up between McGregor and retired boxing champion Floyd Mayweather would ever come to fruition because, contractual logistics aside, both men have "huge egos" and would never be able to decide upon the financial aspects to the bout.


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“I no understand why people talk about this,” Nurmagomedov said, in response to the tiramisu rumors. “I don’t eat this. We’re going to restaurant and we chill together, everything, but [I was the only one] cutting weight. The other guys, no cutting weight, and everybody eat everything. But I don’t eat any of this stuff. I eat only my food. I no understand why people talk about this. Somebody ordered cake and somebody eat cake — of course somebody eat cake — but I don’t eat nothing. I don’t eat this cake. I did nothing, but I don’t understand why people talk about this.”
“Nobody is trying (to get me to retire),” Nurmagomedov said. “I know my father talked about this with Russian media, and U.S. media make, like, different translation. But how I retire if I have to fight for the title? Now, I have very big name, and now, a lot of big fights are coming. How I retire? I no understand, who talk about this?”
“I’m going to fight,” Nurmagomedov said. “First of all, I’m going to fix my body and stay healthy, because the last three years, I don’t remember when I train or when I’m going to fight (and) I’m healthy. I don’t remember this. Because now I’m going to fix everything and come back stronger. But about retiring, I don’t think about this.”

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