"UFC Fight Night: Blaydes vs. Lewis" Live Discussion *Spoilers*


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Sep 29, 2009
I just saw the gifs. Hollllly fuck. And 2, count em, 2 follow up punches with attitude. I bet he spit some shit on the mic after.
The afters were severe, that’s got to be something you’d dread as a pro fighter, getting caught & the ref is a step or two too far away to stop you from losing half your teeth once you’ve gone out.

Lewis was very subdued & seemed really inconvenienced by the whole experience tbh, he looked like he didn’t want to be there the entire fight until he won, I know that’s kinda how he carries himself, he has a blasé, dilligaf attitude but I think he’s the type of fighter that hates fighting....loves knocking someone out but hates fighting


Aug 28, 2008
Richmond, VA
Lewis saying he now wants to fight Overeem in the post fight conference, saying he doesnt want 5 rd fights, kind of whack considering his performance and the obvious fact Overeem's done... respect at least, dude knows his limits. Watch the UFC match him with volkov again in 3rds and he does the same shit, we continue to live in HW suspended reality, he beats Ngannou by decision then faces Stipe who TKO's him to the body and maybe retires.

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