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Both Robbie and Herb are class acts. This was such a bummer, but holy shit Robbie was pissed at the beginning but stood up like a man and handled it like a pro should.

gave me much more respect for a dude I already had a ton for.

Sure as shit can't hold celebrating against Askren either. he earned it and I'm sure had no idea what happened under there.



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Woodley, his mom, and Robbie are all fucking class acts. I mean how can you not be a fan?

Woodley's mom embraced Till the same way she did Usman after the fight. Woodley made no excuses, and Robbie with every right to be upset tells Herb "don't worry, shit happens".


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Luke is a fucking shill, they were horrible stand ups, and he trips over himself justifying Jones.

MMA media need some balls.


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Nah there’s no way he was ready for round 4 already
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UFC 235 estimated PPV buys prove Jon Jones is box office gold

Jon Jones successfully defended his Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Light Heavyweight title last Saturday night (March 2, 2019), outlasting Anthony Smith in the main event of UFC 235, which went down from inside T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada (highlights).

And according to WON via Jed I. Goodman, the fans tuned in, as he estimates the promotion raked any quite a significant number of buys, good enough to enter the top five money-making events since 2017 for the promotion.

It’s no coincidence that three of those five events had “Bones” as the main attraction. Jon’s fight against Smith was his second championship fight in just three months, as he took out Alexander Gustafsson at UFC 232 on December 29, 2018.

UFC 235 also featured a Welterweight title fight between Tyron Woodley and Kamaru Usman, as well as the much-anticipated debut of Ben Askren, who defeated Robbie Lawler via submission.

In a move that should make the UFC higher-ups and accountants very happy, Jones is keen on fighting at least three more times in 2019, which should not only make him a bit wealthier, but help the promotion pay off the $4 billion tab.

Music Money to UFC’s ears.

Up next for Jon could be a title defense against hard-hitting Thiago Santos, who stormed his way to the top of the contender’s list with three straight knockout wins, more recently taking out Jan Blachowicz a couple of weeks ago.


No it doesn't,
I didn't watch the card for Jones.

Fuck I turned it off before the Jones fight even started, I know I didn't pay,
but if it wasn't for the strong undercard them numbers would be much lower IMO.
For all of his fights?


Not sure what your asking, but if you mean I'll turn off all of Jon's fights the answer is yes.

I don't like him and have no interest in watching the cheating fuck fight.
You said if it wasn’t for the strong undercard his numbers would be much lower. He’s got 3/5 top buys. I’m asking if it was a strong undercard for all of them

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