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Conor McGregor, Nate Diaz to face commission discipline for ‘unacceptable’ bottle-throwing mess
The water bottle stops here.

Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz are both facing sanctions from the Nevada Athletic Commission (NAC) for their roles in a bottle-throwing mess last month at the UFC 202pre-fight press conference, commission executive director Bob Bennett confirmed with MMA Fighting on Monday.

Direct complaints against both McGregor and Diaz have been filed by the Nevada attorney general's office. The news was first reported by ESPN.com.

The complaint alleges that the two UFC 202 headliners are guilty of conduct "detrimental to a contest or exhibition of unarmed combat."

"Totally unacceptable," Bennett told MMA Fighting's Ariel Helwani in a recent interview. "Not indicative of the way professional fighters should conduct themselves. ... It showed disrespect for press, fighters, UFC and the commission."

The fracas took place Aug. 17, three days prior to UFC 202 at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Diaz left the press conference early, spurred on by his brother Nick, because McGregor came late. As Diaz and his team were leaving, they and McGregor's team began hurling water bottles and other foreign objects at each other. McGregor himself threw a water bottle and a can of energy drink toward Diaz's team from the stage at MGM Grand's Copperfield Theater.

It's unclear when the disciplinary hearings will be for both men. The next NAC meeting is scheduled for Sept. 29 and, sources said, another one could be set for Oct. 10.

The NAC fined Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier 10 percent of their fight purses after a press-conference brawl in 2014. McGregor made $3 million and Diaz took home $2 million in disclosed money at UFC 202. Jones was also made to do community service hours.

McGregor ended up beating Diaz in their rematch by majority decision.


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Dana White Says No More Conor McGregor Fights at Welterweight

No more welterweight fights for Conor McGregor. At least, not if UFC president Dana White can help it.

During UFC 203: Miocic vs. Overeem fight week, White made the local media rounds and appeared on a Cleveland-based Sports Podcast.

While on the show to promote last Saturday’s pay-per-view event, White was asked whether a third fight between McGregor andNate Diaz was likely to happen.

“I made that fight twice. That’s it. It’s time to move on because (McGregor) has the 145-pound title,” said White.

McGregor is the UFC featherweight champion. The first fight with Diaz materialized when then-lightweight champion Rafael dos Anjos was forced out of the 196 main event 12 days before his scheduled super fight with McGregor. Diaz stepped up on 11 days notice and handed “The Notorious” his first Octagon loss. McGregor avenged that defeat at UFC 202, defeating Diaz by unanimous decision in the rematch.

McGregor won the featherweight title by taking out former champion Jose Aldo by knockout at UFC 194 in December. He hasn’t fought in the weight class since. In the meantime, Aldo defeated Frankie Edgar to become the interim 145-pound titleholder.

“At the end of the day, he’s a 145-pound fighter. He could go to (lightweight), but going back up to 170 makes absolutely no sense, and it clogs up the entire division, which isn’t fair to the rest of the crew,” said the UFC president.

McGregor’s days of taking fights 25 pounds above the weight class he holds the title in are over. His next outing will either be at lightweight or featherweight, and if it’s not at 145-pounds, he’ll have to relinquish the belt.


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Schaub: Nate Diaz says he intentionally fell to the ground to ‘dupe’ Conor McGregor

“I saw Nate at the grocery store randomly, he said he was falling on purpose to dupe Conor. He says ‘I know the first three rounds, he’s so fast and he will be tough, so when he hit me, the plan was to fall down to get him to follow me down.’ He says ‘I couldn’t take him down, so the plan was to get me follow me down there.’”

“That’s a risky game plan, but that’s from the horse’s mouth,” Schaub said.

“Is that one of those ‘I meant to do that’ things?” Rogan replied with a laugh.

“I don’t know. I don’t know Nate Diaz enough to be like ‘are you serious?’”


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