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Watching the event now on YouTube since they have released it on the internet.

Wanted to point out a few things that I noticed within the first 5-10 min. First of all, the announcer, Bill Wallace (Karate champion?) blundered the opening with something similar to a Goofy “hyuk.” You have the first UFC ever and this guy opens up and goofs up right off the bat! Then Jim Brown says something that sounds like “Dick Buttkiss” when referring to some NFL player. I actually remember references to that. Wallace continues to come off real dorky but it’s 1993 and hilarious.

More importantly, what really stuck out to me was how Wallace questioned Kathy Long, a karate champ that was on the announcing team, what her strategy would be before immediately cutting her off by saying “you’re not very big now!” Long seems slightly downed by it and says something along the lines of “yeah, well if I were bigger and a guy... I would try to finish the fight as quick as possible.”

If they only knew what was to come with WMMA 20 years later, let alone society. Also interesting cause Ronda’s strategies typically involved trying to finish the fight asap.

First fight up now! And it ends in less than 20 seconds with the sumo getting kicked in the face and giving up. I remember clips of all these fights.

Kevin Rosier comes out with a fanny pack on. Chuck Norris and Hulk Hogan wore fanny packs so hey.

The canvas was very soft back then. You could see their feet weighing it down a bit.

Kevin Rosier with the hulk smash and head stomps to the gassed opponent. Towel gets thrown in.
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old school UFC/MMA - Dan Severn vs Anthony Macias - video dailymotion

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oh this is classic. the announcer wasn't familiar with Pancrase.

he announces the figher is the top 10 in 'pancreas' lol he also says it at abou 3:00 in while commentating.

clicking should put you right at the right time

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this was a really fuckin fun event to watch here. UFC 29

starts off with Chuck Liddell vs Jeff Monson (not tattooed up yet)


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