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A terrible human being
I.haven't seen the show but i have been a big fan of many twin peaks I have seen in pornos.
the series starts off amazing, and really sinks the viewer in

then as the world of twin peaks expands you get all kinds of weird characters and Lynch's patented actor directing and the middle can be something to force yourself through if its not your style of weird

plus after the show you have to watch the movie to get all the answers, which culminates in a rather odd train scene

but its worth it, plus it has a backward talking midget

how could you not like the show?


The Fat Mamba
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For me, it's the greatest show of all time.

While it tried to have a timeless quality or a pseudo 60s vibe, watched today it'll no doubt seem dated.

When I'm at my lowest points physically or mentally, Twin Peaks is the art I turn to. It's drenched in atmosphere, from the location to the characters to the music to the themes. It's all about the hidden horrors.


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I noticed this was playing on Showtime the other day and wondered if it was any good.


The Fat Mamba
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No one does "haunting" like David Lynch.

A lot of his stuff continues along themes of the seductive aspects of sex and violence, and all the horrific consequences that follow when we hide the truth in secrets.

Twin Peaks builds a very captivating world and so many of us found it hard to leave. Even when the show was at its worst, mid season 2, you were still experiencing the world of Twin Peaks.

Windom Earle ultimately redeems much of the second season. And there are some genuinely tragic, beautiful, and scary moments before the end. The end itself, there in the Black Lodge, is so fucking nuts it's perfect.


The Fat Mamba
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Rewatching the series. First episode of Season 2 is some of my favorite David Lynch direction. It's so fucking good...


The Autumn Wind is a Raider
One of my favorite shows.

dream-like quality is a peeeerfect description. Man that show was good, I don't think I watched a single episode I didn't love.


The Fat Mamba
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I'm a few episodes into season two now and damn, this show is good. It's so unlike anything I've ever seen. I love the dream-like quality of it.
It's more rooted than some of Lynch's other work and I attribute that to Mark Frost.

It's going to get rough mid second season. Stay with it. Windom Earle is a fantastic foil to Cooper. Enough to make you put up with James' bullshit side venture and Ben Horn's mental breakdown.

The first and last episodes of Season 2 are just genius. They're disturbing and captivating.


The Fat Mamba
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My favorite part?

That slow pan at the end through the woods. That's what I done come for.

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