Trump jumps in: The Donald runs


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Aug 27, 2008
That is correct. But that's what was voted in by proxy. Path of least resistance is a consolidation of power, limitation on rights, and an unequal distribution of wealth.

So please remain seated with your seat fastener in place until the ride comes to a complete stop.
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Jul 14, 2014
We may be looking at half a million dead due to this pandemic by spring.
We, still ,as a country cannot completely agree to wear masks when we leave our homes.
We as a country cannot sacrifice by eating & entertaining ourselves in our own homes, those enough fortunate to have shelter.

We will continue to have weddings, gatherings, and all this other shit...instead of waiting (shut down).

Each time we postpone waiting it increases the damage done.

If masks were mandated in January we wouldnt need as a society to demand a lockdown...the spread is too great for half ass bullshit measures. 9 million people infected confirmed likely means 10 to 11 millions cases and counting. For every one person you can confirm has it it is likely they have passed it along to maybe one other or more.

These fucking governors are SCARED to do the whats right because some right wing nut may act irrationally. Thats the fucking hat you put on for being a public servant. You make the decision to save the most lives even if it costs you youre political career or life. If that is too tall of a task for public officials then each and every one of them need to step down.

Too many people are dying when the solution to a mass event is mass coordination.

225,000 dead and we STILL are going on like normal

225,000 dead in a 10 month span to 1 singular event and we BARELY can have the patience to take it in & contextualize it because we just cant...

We as Americans can't, we... us ...Americans (myself included) are pathetic.


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Aug 26, 2008
The Abyss
I like this guy's work, but you have to be able to stomach seeing this orange shitstain for a length of time on this one.


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