Trump jumps in: The Donald runs


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Nov 29, 2014
After dick tater and cock potato, the next logical choice was dong yam, but you had to bring toads into this.
Damn, I messed it up. I was going for the theme of dictator that Kano started.

And, for the record, stiffy spud was the next logical choice. By science.


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Aug 14, 2014
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With Trump you can bank on one thing: anything he accuses someone else of he's guilty of himself. It's been the one constant his entire term.

And speaking of terms, is there any better argument for abortion rights than the Trump family?
Pretty sure his line of thinking is that if he couldn't abort those kids then you cannot abort yours.


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Aug 26, 2008
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I talk about Trump’s narcissism all the time. His dysfunction has never surprised me. Not once.

Still, sometimes it is just so glaring and so nakedly on display, it’s just.. wow.

Take the opening to this interview, his eventual storm out and handling after.


Trump adamantly insists Stahl was “nasty” to him.

She was completely calm and emotionless. Never changed her tone. Was perfectly pleasant even when correcting false claims.

He truly experiences someone calmly not allowing him to lie as them being mean to him.

He truly experiences someone not allowing him to put forward the facade he wish were true as them attacking him.

And that’s because it truly hurts him.

And if someone hurt him, it must be because they are bad.

And he believes that so fully, he thinks all will see it too.

Trump absolutely believed with every fiber of his being that people would watch a woman calmly and professionally asking him questions and correcting his falsehoods and conclude he was attacked by a bad person.

Because he truly believes he was.

So, he posted the whole thing.

And now he’s leaning in with both shoulders expecting the world to say he’s right and a victim and Stahl is a very bad person.

And instead, he will now get doubly roasted for being a baby who tantrums about someone telling him “no.”

And that’s going to worsen the injury and make him rage more at the great unfairness of it all.

How it’s all rigged. How everything is rigged. How bad people make him look bad. Then more bad people make him look bad for saying that. And then people believe the bad things.

When, in reality, a narcissist was kept on topic, fact-checked and kept from presenting a fictitious picture of their competence and success.

And that, to a narcissist, is no different than being gravely wounded for real.

Anyway, Trump’s injury here is deep and his delusion is strong.

He is going to rant, rage and the. rage some more as the dumpster fire he has drawn maximum attention to now burns for at least five days instead of a couple.

When he mentions it at the debate, everybody drink!


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Dec 3, 2014
Icebox of the Nation
Spot on

although worded a little more gently the Commander in Narcissist has earned.

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