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The fact this Russian bounty on American soldiers heads to push us out of the Middle East region & the current President of the United fucking States has said or done not ONE solitary thing to retaliate against Russia, Putin who ordered it, the GRU unit responsible for carrying it out etc! Is not 5 alarm fire for every and all American citizen is infuriating.

All the bluster in the world to kill a sitting general of another country (Iran) when not actively at war with them for the supposed SAME action yet NOTHING???

More so, Republican members of the United States Congress & Senate should be in the forefront blasting this till this is fully investigated.

Being that it has been confirmed by multiple outlets it means at base there is some truth & if vetted to be completely true then where are all the defend America guys now?

Trump calls for our troops to be removed from Germany and our foreign adversary whom happens to be their neighbor begin moving troops closer to the German border??? Silence.

How in the fuck did Republicans get so far up Trump's ass, judicial picks & tax cuts, that endangering the country as a whole was worth it?

It really is America or Trump, not hyberbole either.

America, in its flawed and fucked up form including the very racist & inherent nature upon which the country was founded & Constitution itself written (the three fifths compromise was a thing till close to 100 years after the founding) still deserves to be saved.
Because if it is not we are ALL fucked, not just black folk ALL.

In spite of the wretched history of America itself & the Constitution on which we are supposed to guide ourselves as a nation,the true beauty of America is the very document that can be used against you the PEOPLE can fucking change as they realize things are fucked up.

Slavery was "good" till it wasnt.
America (slavery not worth it) v Confederacy (pro-slavery want slavery white supremacy is our shit, literally...state's rights to FUCKING OWN SPECIFICALLY BLACK HUMANS).
A war was fought for the country to realized it 'wasn't worth it'...I will not say we agreed it was 'bad' because we still "TO THIS DAY (Deontay Wilder voice)" allow traitors momuments and flags to fly when their sole purpose was white supremacy & ownership of black humans & killed Americans to make it so, they sort of lost though...Civil War 1.5 (America v Confederacy II) was Reconstruction but thats another subject.

The South will rise again huh? This is Trump to me, the confederacy rising again. Because if Trump is reelected then America as we knew is gone.

And even with its fucked up history, even with its treatment of damn near every group that is not rich but especially women and black folk/people of color the country itself is worth saving because the Constitution lends itself to be amended when necessary to fix the very problems that stand before us.

Trump doesnt want to amend, he wants to shred the Constitution because he wants to be king. As he said "I don't kid (joke)"...his goal is to put himself and his family in place of America.

Its not just Trump, the admin around him the Congress folk & Senators that support him etc...they all need to be voted out of office. In the past you could guarantee one of the branches would stop such recklessness, legislatures removing financing to departments when necessary enforcement of subpoenas justice department being completely independent and not literally covering up for the president who more and more seems like a fucking asset. But those guardrails are gone and the only thing left is us, the people, to vote this group of Republicans out of office, every single one till the Republican larty resets again. Even better, till we amend the Constitution for ranked choice voting & then open it up for third parties to be viable, but guess what?

That shit isnt going to fucking happen if we as Americans vote for this current version of Republicans & especially fucking anyone who actively supports Donald Trump.

Want more than Dems & Reps as (viable) options outside of local office?

We have to vote in masse REPEATEDLY to put people in place who would support it or at least compromise towards it.

You know who is currently trying to RESTRICT people from voting, not just black folk anymore its everyone now, which would prevent more voting options from even being introduced?
Republicans...because Dems are fighting to expand voting access.

You know what chips in to fix almost every societal issue in this country?
Voting...consistent voting & I myself have flawed in that but this has to change.

Dont like the fact America lags behind 20+ other countries in education? Voting on BOTH local/state & federal issues.

Dont like the fact that companies have billions in record profit, and even more now due to PPP, yet for 30 years have barely raised wages for entry level low skill workers (majority of work force guys) yet ceo & executives pay has multiplied?

Women not being paid properly?

Police and law enforcement absuse of force? Vote.

Abortion access for it? Vote.

Supreme Court looking a little shaky? Vote.

I am beginning to fully grasp Baldwin's quote "to be a black man in America & conscious means to be constantly enraged", but just as much "
I love America more than any other country in the world and, exactly for this reason, I insist on the right to criticize her." That means I can see what can be the best of the country its institutions & people in spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. I do love this country, Im just not blind to the abuse it has given to its people within its own borders or outside of them.

With that...
If even I can see the threat Trump poses, and many did in 2016, to America itself , why cant those that claim to love her more than I?
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6:28 a.m.: No one told me that Russia hired a hit squad to take out U.S. soldiers, and it’s not that big of a deal anyway.

7:39 a.m.: Thank you, white supremacists!


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The President is a racist.

A competent adminstration could take advantage of the following:

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The Lincoln Project going harder than Dems:

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Great article but very disturbing.

This article gets my "must read" recommendation.


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I would google that but I'm not sure I want it in my search history.
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