Trump jumps in: The Donald runs


Nov 12, 2014
Calgary Canada


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Sep 16, 2012
Gotta love the chickens coming home to roost here. This is what happens when you encourage millions of people to lean hard into a shared delusion, a collassal game of 'Let's Pretend' where everyone gets to be the plucky rag-tag underdog hero uncovering rampant corruption and wrongdoing. You get to be part of a groundswell movement that speaks truth to power and exposes their lies. You get to dismiss a deadly global pandemic that is dropping your countrymen like flies because its all a hoax (and if it isn't, it's mostly killing minorities and the poor so who cares, amirite?) You get to overturn an election that was stolen from you.

All you have to do in return is trade in your basic understanding of what truth and facts are, but they were a hassle anyway so really it's win win.

And now they're turning their rage on the Conservative machine that emboldened them for years, egged them on, whipped them into a frenzy all the time chortleing behind their hands about how fucking stupid they all were for believing this crap.

But hey, useful idiots are still useful. The only problem is, while they were busy exploiting those idiots they never stopped to think what would happen if they lost. What would all those idiots want? What would they do?

I bet they're not laughing now. They've been judged by their own base and found wanting. Purity tests are being failed all over the Conservative spectrum, declarations of wrong-think are flying.
It's a deliciously ironic inversion of the Leopards Ate My Face meme - this times its the Leopards who are surrounded, being grilled about why they are not eating faces with sufficient gusto. Are they real Face Eating Leopards, or just phonies? Prove it! Eat some faces right now!

You see it in the same stunned-mullet expressions over and over as these Republican officials when they are forced to encounter these maniacs, the subtext as they stutter their way through answers to aggressively asked questions whose content is pure nonsense - "Wait... you know we were just saying that stuff about election fraud, right? It was part of the game! The election is over, we lost fair and square, there's a process we gotta follow - oh shit oh god you guys are serious?"

They are now beginning to understand the monster they have created, a monster that earlier this week got together and decided overnight that Bill Barr - Bill Fucking Barr! - was a traitor and a Deep State plant and a closet fucking Democrat. They are starting to grapple with the same problem that the rest of us have been dealing with for years - how do you reason with people who refuse to live in the same reality as you? Who are immune to facts and embarrasment? Who counter all truths that they don't like with pithy soundbites? "Deep State!" "Fake News!" "Do your research sheep!" "Traitor!"

Oh it was such a fun game when they were working for you! So easy to weaponise. So amusing when that weapon was aimed at your opponents. But they failed to see that these people were not loyal to the GOP, they were loyal to Trump, and like any cult the ultimate loyalty is to the man, not the cause. Failing to parrot Trumps every utterence, even those that throw you under the bus (especially those that throw you under the bus) is the ultimate disloyalty. You fucked with the Narrative, brother and for that you must be punished. You are now part of the Other.

I wonder how they feel knowing they are now the Enemy, that the weapon is now pointing at threm? Are they scared? I hope so. Because they should be.

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