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Probably more so for me than for you guys.

Today I graduated with my Family Nurse Practitioner degree. It’s hard to articulate the feeling. Pursuing this degree came with a lot of tough decisions;

I had to leave Alaska and move to Texas. At the time that I’d moved, my girlfriend had only been home for about 8 months after we’d spent a year apart for her to go to Nursing school.

I also had to leave my job as a civilian ER nurse at a military base.

There were a lot of times I wanted to quit. There were a lot of times I thought I would fail, and there were a lot of times I thought that I wouldn’t be able to fulfill the requirements for the degree (getting OBGYN hours was a nightmare and my school was very little help finding placement.). I lost touch with a lot of people, academics are not my strength so I really buried my head, mostly unintentionally.

It still doesn’t quite settled in, but I’ve gotten emotional a few times over it.

The spot has now seen me through three degrees. I wish I were more active. You’re all twats, and I appreciate you.


Big ups, bro; that's amazing. And thanks for whoever you took care of at whatever military base too – all the best to you and yours, well earned.


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First, I want to say a very earnest congratulations.

Second, I want to post a very facetious gif or YouTube clip of Josh Koscheck putting down male nurses.

And third, one more very genuine congratulations.


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Congratulations to you sir!
[DOUBLEPOST=1557707811,1557664688][/DOUBLEPOST]Are you going to be able to give us medical advice? Dr. Deezy won’t return my pm of the picture of the thing on balls that I sent him.

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