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Pointless fact time!

Manatees cannot turn their heads. in order to look at something not directly in front of them they have to either turn their whole body, or roll over.

[DOUBLEPOST=1569393502,1569375214][/DOUBLEPOST]And while we're here. Bernie buddy,

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lol look at the reflections in the roof for the unedited picture (taken from the hilarious sub reddit 'instagram reality)



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So here's something interesting for you. You know this video?

My wife is actually a blood relative to the little girl. She's the daughter of Joe Calvin(?) who's real last name was Calvaneese (sp).

Now this is going to get confusing but my wife's Stepmom used to be her Aunt (honorary) but is actually her cousin. Her Stepmom's Father's brother was Joe. And this was his daughter.

And I know aaaaallllll about Joe because back when my wife and I were living with her folks on Long Island, I used to drive her Grandparents to Bingo. And her Grandmother loved her some Joe. He was a Broadway dancer and I'd hear the same stories about Joe the Dancer every Tuesday and Thursday.

Small world. Speaking of which I'm on vacation bitches in Orlando. Time to get my drink on and Epcot it up.


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My 8 yr old nephew just posted this on our family's Discord channel

Not sure if he should get in therapy, or if I should just be happy he's an only child.

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