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I think the Spurs can talk James into less than max, otherwise he's going have to do a sign and trade with the Cavs. But if you do that I don't think you can go supermax. Supermax players can only be traded the second year of that contract.

Sign and trade would be viable if he wanted to go somewhere like Boston. Wouldn't be so viable for Philly or Houston. James needs to play with fewer stars and better roleplayers. I think the Spurs would fit that but I don't know about Aldridge. He had a huge rebound season because he was the focal point. Splitting duties between Leonard and James might marginalize him again. But if you could get those three to work in tandem I think they'd beat anyone. Health providing. LA was extremely impressive last season in how he competed on defense and how he got back in transition.

Cousins is also out there. I can't wait to see who moves first. Warriors are now on the block, they're the team to beat so they're going to force free agents to make some interesting fucking choices if guys want titles.
Kawhi is a huge question mark and neither is really a good option regarding him. Either he was hurt all year long or he didn’t want to play for San Antonio. When Popovich is throwing shade in the media, something is afoul. I hope they fix it and lure Lebron.


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Clippers will be involved too, Leonard apparently wants to be in LA.

I think the Lakers are trash, their talent is immature and I find Walton unproven. He hasn't developed his players or established a culture.

Leonard not being with the team may have said it all.


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Kawhi... I’m hearing rumblings
Word is the Celtics tried to trade for him in February so Boston is an obvious spot. He wants to go to LA but he doesn’t have much leverage in the matter being he’s under contract. Popovich and the Spurs aren’t going to want to make a team in their conference that can’t currently compete, immediately better. Add to it, LA will definitely be a contender to get Lebron if they get Kawhi and the Spurs would be crazy to send him to the Lakers.

Boston is in a much better position to get him. They have draft picks and talent. From what I’ve read, the Celtics would have to give up Kyrie and Jalen Brown to get Kawhi and possibly a draft pick.

My thing on Kawhi is can you trust him to stay healthy and can you trust him to not quit on your team if he’s unhappy. Last year was a mess. San Antonio doesn’t have these kinds of issues but they did with Kawhi.

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