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Your tears don't fall...
I hate that Ball went to to Lakers. Just because i know that is what his dad wanted.
[DOUBLEPOST=1498178536,1498178300][/DOUBLEPOST]Love that pick for the Blazers.


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I'm surprised Wolves gave up both Lavine and Dunn. With the defense the Wolves play I honestly don't know that they got all that much better.


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For what exactly? Cleveland has nothing they would be willing to send back for Butler. They needed a third team.
That's not the point. Cleveland showed interest in finding a way to get it done and Butler wasn't interested. Now instead of chasing a ring, he's in Minnesota.


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I like D'Angelo Russell. He had some maturing to do but seemed to get the message. Please Nick Young opted out. Ball's shot is balls. He's got a lot of improvement to make after getting smoked by Fox. Seemed like a silly PR pick by the Lakers.

And can someone kill Phil Jackson for me?
[DOUBLEPOST=1498181839,1498181742][/DOUBLEPOST]I would have rathered Monk. They let Galloway go and Brandon Jennings, they already had better point guards than this draft. This pick doesn't do much for me, no one is going to play defense for Hornacek you may have well gone with a shooter.

Again, please. Poison Phil's yogurt.

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