The Fall of the USA


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Aug 29, 2008
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How accurate has this thread become. We've fallen so far so quickly.
It happens quick.

I was at an academic conference in October 2015 talking about relations between US and Canada under a Clinton presidency.

Afterward, I was talking to one of the speakers, a highly regarded academic, author and policy advisor, who later became one of my good friends, and told him that although I thought Clinton is statistically likely to win, that Trump is more likely than they think because of Russia and then I went into detail about spycraft, active measures, etc., and he told me I read too many spy novels.

After it happened he got in touch and we talked about the ramifications and I told him that if the US didn't impeach Trump and everybody involved with Russia, then the US is over.

I wrote a few papers about it and the decline of the American empire that nobody would publish because they were either 'too naive' or 'too alarmist.'

When it happens, it happens fast.

I find it very hard to see anything other than violence and chaos after November 3, if not outright civil war.

A lot of people shit on the US, but for 70 years, it was basically the only reason there was not a total, global war. They were the most benevolent global superpower or hegemon imaginable for a long time, despite their aggressions and missteps.

Without the US being a sane, rational and benevolent power, the world is headed for chaos.

I take no pleasure in that. It makes me anxious for my future, because we will be involved in any shitshow in the US eventually and it will dramatically fuck my life too.

For real: if I am right and any of you need to come to Canada, I will do everything I can to help.

And if I am wrong, I will happily look back on this post as the ramblings of somebody who reads too many spy novels.
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Jul 14, 2014
The decline in our country is directly tied to the care (lack of care) we provide for the basic needs of our citizens.
"What about the cost?" Is always argued.

The United States provides a number of tax subsidies to the fossil fuel industry as a means of encouraging domestic energy production. These include both direct subsidies to corporations, as well as other tax benefits to the fossil fuel industry. Conservative estimates put U.S. direct subsidies to the fossil fuel industry at roughly $20 billion per year; with 20 percent currently allocated to coal and 80 percent to natural gas and crude oil. European Union subsidies are estimated to total 55 billion euros annually.
The Republican Party platforms of a generation ago at least on their face understood this, and in turn it seemed we as a country did as well.
Here is another, 1968
Our need is new leadership which will develop imaginative new approaches assuring full opportunity to all our citizens—leadership which will face and resolve the basic problems of our country.
Our Convention in 1968 can spark a "Republican Resurgence" under men and women willing to face the realities of the world in which we live.
We must urgently dedicate our efforts toward restoration of peace both at home and abroad.
We must bring about a national commitment to rebuild our urban and rural slum areas.
We must enable family farm enterprise to participate fully in the nation's prosperity. We must bring about quality education for all. We must assure every individual an opportunity for satisfying and rewarding employment. We must attack the root causes of poverty and eradicate racism, hatred and violence.
We must give all citizens the opportunity to influence and shape the events of our time.
We must give increasing attention to the views of the young and recognize their key role in our present as well as the future.
We must mobilize the resources, talents and energy of public and private sectors to reach these goals, utilizing the unique strength and initiative of state and local governments.
We must re-establish fiscal responsibility and put an end to increases in the cost of living.
We must reaffirm our commitment to Lincoln's challenge of one hundred six years ago. To Congress he wrote: "The dogmas of the quiet past are inadequate to the stormy present. The occasion is piled high with difficulty and we must rise with the occasion. As our case is new, so we must think anew and act anew. We must disenthrall ourselves and then we shall save our country ."
In this, our stormy present, let us rededicate ourselves to Lincoln's thesis. Let the people know our commitment to provide the dynamic leadership which they rightly expect of this Party—the Party not of empty promises, but of performance—the Party not of wastefulness, but of responsibility—the Party not of war, but the Party whose Administrations have been characterized by peace—the Republican Party"
But the late 70's forward Republicans abandoned this economic shift and pushed for rugged individualism and free enterprise.

Free enterprise is suited for which car to purchase (ex: Foreign v Domestic; Volvo vs Chevy), which electronics company makes the best/most efficient for the price thingamajig (ex: Playstation v XBOX x Switch; IPhone v Android), what clothing designer should one purchase (ex: Target brand v designer). That is where free enterprise should be applied, not can the populace afford basic fucking necessities to live.

Free enterprise should not be taxes collected and given to businesses and corporations for them to not distribute those subsidies to their lowest common worker but to collect and distribute to their executive board and shareholders. I am all for rewarding companies that hire, train, and maintain their workforce via fair wages and retirement packages...but if the people you are hiring still qualify for public assistance after being employed WHY are we as the populace subsidizing your fucking business/company/industry?

In turn, why not give it to the people directly?

Shelter/Housing; Water/Sewage; electric-gas/power; this point whether we like it or not broadband/internet access, should be public utilities both regulated by the government & price controlled so that the populace can actually afford them.
One may not be able to afford a mansion, but everyone should be able to at the very least live in a moderate home, be it a single family home (1,000sq ft-1,200sq ft) or condo/townhome and the government can assist in controlling what the base cost of those homes would be...the free market can decide what they will charge for everything above that.

$1 Billion dollars has the capacity to purchase close to 10,000 $100,000 homes (1,000sq ft-1,200sq ft).

There are 550 thousand people in the United States that are either homeless or close to being homeless. It would cost very little, in comparison to other budgeted items, to institute a federal program implemented by the states to erase homelessness within the next few calendar years.
Provide states funds to purchase existing vacant homes and renovate them OR demolish them and build new homes at the site.
Create a standard (federally set & maintained by the respective states) for each home to be renovated to so that costs can be controlled.
Following renovation or new build, rent them to the citizens of the respective states who wish to live there. Price controlled at a reasonable rate so that nationwide any citizen access the home, I'm throwing this out there but this would be where debate and compromise come in, at $750 monthly paid to the respective state. Those workers who were hired to build those homes can transition, if they wish, to a maintenance crew for the homes (landscaping and repair) which would be partially funded via the rent collected by the occupant while the remaining funds go towards administrative costs and school funding.

Citizens in turn would have a viable address for voting, viable address for schooling, and space to either be with their family OR start one. The initial investment would be a drop in the bucket for the federal government and the states would ultimately reap the benefits of a new line of income at "insert reasonable price" monthly, not to be raised above said price without federal legislation.

Now, for the argument concerning not having the finances for that? We could provide direct cash assistance to average Americans (Universal Basic Income) that would subsidize those living expenses, we as a country can debate how much it can/will be but the none is no longer a viable position. But this notion of just letting our citizens die due to preventable illness, letting our citizens be homeless when we have the capacity to shelter everyone in this country, letting companies and corporations underpay our citizens while providing more subsidies has directly led t this shit. If the basic needs of the people aren't being met that is a failure of society (government and governance).

"That's socialism" .... Fine, yes it is. So the fuck what? So is our military. So is the United States Postal Service. So is Medicaid/Medicaire and Social Security. So are many of the services that we daily utilize but do not think about because they are integral services that we all use at some point and time, out of necessity. "I didn't have that when I was younger, that's an advantage I didn't have and it's unfair." Grow up.
I am 36, while the internet was available it wasn't a necessity in 1990 (I was 6), nor was it a necessity in 2000 (I was 16), but by 2010 access to the internet was a necessity. You cannot apply for a job without having access to broadband/stable internet service. During those decades, the price of a 500g internet stream would have been hundreds of dollars monthly, 2020 that same internet speed is fucking $200 with a viable cable package. Times change, needs change, and we as a society (government and the people we elect to run it) needs to change with the times.

The best thing about the Constitution is that it is a governing document built on changing with the times. That is what the whole damn amendment process is for, when times change and the needs of the citizenry change we add or remove provisions to better serve the people. It pisses me off to see America as it is, it doesn't need to be this way and we have both the financial capacity and the legislation capability to solve every single one of the problems that have been apart of our country since its inception. We chose to ignore them and here we are, because we as a population were unwilling to adapt to the times. The times were too much so we as a country kept harkening back to when times were good, rather than working to make them better.

Register and fucking vote guys, may be the last time it means something.


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Aug 26, 2008
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Twitter temporarily banned my account for saying fuck you to Brit Hume and telling the Dilbert creator that he was fucking dumb. I guess I have to be more creative in speaking the truth.

I can still post, but only followers will see the posts. Hilarious.


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Twitter temporarily banned my account for saying fuck you to Brit Hume and telling the Dilbert creator that he was fucking dumb. I guess I have to be more creative in speaking the truth.

I can still post, but only followers will see the posts. Hilarious.
They did the same to me a week and a half ago after tweeting about the Breonna Taylor grand jury decision. I couldn’t tweet, send a DM, retweet, or “like” anything. After a flood of emails they unlocked it just in time for me to get the news out regarding a basketball recruit.


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Aug 26, 2008
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They did the same to me a week and a half ago after tweeting about the Breonna Taylor grand jury decision. I couldn’t tweet, send a DM, retweet, or “like” anything. After a flood of emails they unlocked it just in time for me to get the news out regarding a basketball recruit.
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