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Some of you know what I do for a living, some of you don't but I am a professional political economist and analyst.

From that point of view, the US is heading towards complete collapse.

Here are two decent articles:

The timeline conforms to previous research about the lifecycle of empires or hegemonic states:

Long cycle theory suggests that hegemony (international or global dominance essentially) lasts 70-100 years -

The Fate of Empires by Glubb finds empires (from insignificant state, to rise in power, to empire, to decline, to collapse) last, on average about 250 years. America is 244 years old -

I write this as a genuine warning. If the US falls, world order goes with it.

The magnitude of what Trump and his cronies are doing cannot be lost. He is literally killing the country. It is time to get serious about this.


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Well you should know that when faced with overwhelming evidence to the contrary in the social media age the response has been to dig in deeper. That's what makes our current division in the United States different than at other points in history.

If we can't agree on Facts, and we are simply choosing our reality in spite of evidence, then we cannot make decisions in our best interest. The United States has been corporatized. It's been over. Business dictates the national interest. Not the people. And so long as people have toys this will continue.

But when those toys run out..

I'd be very worried. We'll turn on each other first. But eventually we'll come for our neighbors.

America was a good idea. The execution left a lot to be desired. We all deserve what we get. I have no reservations otherwise.


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Minneapolis is part of the process now:

- Reports of police officers possibly working as provocateurs, breaking store windows to make the appearance of rioting worse.
- National Guard coming in with threats of further military intervention from the President.
- President undermining local, democratic representatives of government as weak.
- Tweet from the President saying "when the looting starts, the shooting starts"

One nation, indivisible...


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Katrina, Hiv-Aids, Sandy Hook, Columbine, Virginia Tech, Las Vegas, Harvey, Rodney King, Watts..

We'll forget in a month. Because there are shows to watch on streaming devices. The fall comes when there are no more shows or no more devices.


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Protest in my city at 4.


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I usually agree with you about most things, but that Medium article is a steaming pile of ranting propaganda without much factual substance.

"In addition to the collapse of the climate, which has exacerbated the Coronavirus"

Lol, what?


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This isn't even a rich/poor thing. This is insanity versus the world. Trump is half mad child breaking toys and half chest thumping adolescent.


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Why can't everybody see what is plain to see?
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