The evidence is overwhelming that UFC fighter Mike Perry is absolute trash (1 Viewer)


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It’s time to address the elephant in the room. …If that elephant was like, a racist elephant that constantly did horrible things in the public eye and that elephant fought in the UFC as Mike Perry. This dude, time and time again, has come into the spotlight for bad moments. Some time passes and everyone seems to forget about it, then he just comes back and does even damn something worse.

We were first introduced to Perry by his bush league, psych-out shit against Hyun Gyu Lim when he pretended to shake his hand at the UFC 202 weigh-ins.

That’s tame and we’ve seen worse, but then during the fight Perry’s corner got caught saying some—at the very least—”off color”—remarks. Perry could have distanced himself from it but he supported his corner and said he didn’t believe any harm was intended. Yeah…

The hits just keep on coming. If you could write off these past two incidences (and his criminal history), Perry continually gives fuel to the fire by, well… being just an all-around trashy individual. Let’s take a detour to gay slurs before we get back to racism…

Nah man, I don’t think “n-words” want to be like you. I don’t think any “p-words”, as in people in general, regardless of skin color, want to be like you. With Conor McGregor getting fined a ludicrous amount of money and having to head an entire damn anti-bullying campaign today, what sort of sentence can the commission give Perry? Or will all of this just continually go unnoticed.



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It's world wide phenomena, the public shaming, it does all stem from social media faux pars these days, but it will only affect those who care what others think of them. Perry seems to crave the attention, good or bad, he doesn't seem to care, it's usually the sign of someone who has huge mental frailties or very little else going on in their life.


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Yep, a lot of people view it as a right to be outraged & offended, if something some idiot says on twitter or Facebook offends you it's really your problem rather than theirs.
You should check out this book, I found it interesting.
If people let other people affect them, it is their own fault. Pure and simple. Too many mentally weak victims in this world. This is the weakest generation every to walk the Earth.


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By watching him the first seconds of the weigh ins against the Korean dude it was very evident that he is a mega douchebag, being said that there is no reason to give special importance to anything he says or does. So far he is nothing more than another journeyman who acts like a spoiled 14 year old.

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