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I had never seen even an episode of Survivor until a month ago.

I saw it on Hulu so i decided to binge it because i wanted something that would last (think i'll try the amazing race next).

Anyway, Hulu has season 1, then jumps to 12. So I've now watched season 1, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 and 19.

20 is the heroes vs villains season.

I was bummed there was 10 seasons missing and I still don't understand why. I found a website i can see the missing seasons, but I have a question.

if you were me which way would you go? would you watch season 2 through 11? or would you skip to 20?

Also, would you skip the special seasons? like the hero's vs villans, and the all stars? Or should I just bite the bullet and watch them all in order?

I have to admit, I just finished season 19 and now I'm on the 5th episode of season 2. But 19 surprised me a LOT. i DESPISED Russell. but I am going to admit, by the end I changed my mind. I know a lot of shit that happened with him was luck, but man he was fucking good. and when he whipped out that second idol and said 'I'm not quite finished playing yet' and everyone's jaw dropped I think that's the best line i've seen anyone say in any reality show in history (so far). and the way they got rid of Galu going in with only 4 against them having almost twice as many was UNREAL. Then again, if it wasn't for gross shamu none of it would have happeend

The one thing i'll say. strategy is big, but there's a big chunk of luck involved in winning that. a lot of shit has to fall in place, and the reality is it's 100% dependent on the tribe you end up on.

anyway, I always thought I'd hate this show, but I can't get enough.

and boy, has Jeff come a LONG way in hosting. The difference in him on season 1 and season 19 is amazing.

I also found something interesting. It's almost more fun to open the wiki page for the season and know who's getting voted off and when because you can watch the errors they make knowing right away.

I have to admit, the team that thought up and created those challenges were damned smart.

So back to my question, how should I proceed?


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I watched the first few seasons cause the ex really liked it so I watched it with her then I got bored with it. So just my opinion start with the earlier stuff then move on


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I never watched Survivor until a buddy of mine from work got me watching it and man am I hooked. Now I have even got my son watching which is awesome. I started watching around Russell's first season. At least that is when I started noticing it but I think my first ever season of watching was Hero's vs. Villains. The game is really evolving and it is only getting better. I can't wait until the next up coming season. It should be awesome. Going to be filled with players who really play the game hard. I can't stand when people just sit back and let the game play them and they just coast the whole show.


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damnit I don't get posdt notices. i must have forgotten to subscribe.

yeah i watch 12 through 19 (seasons) after watching 1. but now, going back to season 2 it's not as fun as i tthought it would be because people aren't wise to the game yet.

I'm still going to watch it though. man has Jeff Probst gotten better or what? watching the old versions now he's so much less animated and confident than he is now.

I still have seasons 3 through 11, then from 20 to like 33 so it's going to be awhile. I can't tell what I like better. watching without knowing who's going, or looking at the wiki page and knowing who's going to get voted off. this season would have freaked me out because I NEVER would have thought friggin TINA would win it

Season 2 i hated Jerri, and Elizabeth (who is now Elizabeth Hassleback is so fucking hot in this it's almost scary)

I*n regards to @Dimson yeah it's funny how the people that sit and hide in the shadows get ignored (in the edited episodes) in the early seasons. I didn't even know who two of the people were that got voted off on this


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@Frankie I watched the first couple seasons of that show, until around 3 when it became BLATANTLY obvious it was staged and scripted, I just can't take any of those shows seriously anymore.

I don't 'think' survivor is scripted, though it's obviously heavily edited or you'd know who's going home just from the talk every week. they purposely try to make you think someone that isn't getting voted off will be.

Pawn stars is the worst. they used to have real people in, but now it's so bad, the items you see aren't even legitimately brought in by anyone. It's 100% fake and actors come in to pretend to be customers (tracy lee just did one).

some shows like deadliest catch aren't faked, but i can't stomach a show once it becomes obviously fake. I think shows like ax men start out somewhat legit. then they get desperate for drama. Shows like that one about the tow company on that dangerous mountain in alaska can't be faked. i love those.


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then they get desperate for drama
yep, manufactured drama, fake bullshit, not real, paid actors. TV for suckers
[DOUBLEPOST=1484851607,1484849177][/DOUBLEPOST]I, on the other hand enjoy serious documentaries, Ancient Aliens is one of my favorites.

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