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Aug 27, 2008
Not sure how I ended up stumbling across this...nor do I know why I am posting it here (boredom?) but it's kinda interesting.

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After googling a bit I found the source of the vid. Here's what the guy had to say about it.
So me and my friend useph get done with the bars around 3 am and go to adanbertons, a mexican food restaurant open 24/7. This guy starts talking @#$% to this other guy in a blue shirt for no reason telling him to "stare at your food bitch.. blah blah". The guy talking @#$% in the white shirt didnt seem drunk but was definitely looking for a fight. He keeps talking @#$% so I start my video camera. The blue shirt guy gets swung on, blue shirt guy pushes him to the wall and gets some serious shots to his face in on the white shirt guy. I was amused but then it got to the point where it had to be stopped so I jump in but then see a massive amount of blood and **** h.i.v. so I stepped back and useph jumped right in, bear hugged the white shirt guy and basically suplexed him onto the ground twice which was pretty fuking legit. The white shirt guy leaves to his car and I am assuming he is getting a knife or a gun and I don't want to stick around to find out, especially since I have a gun in my car so I bounce the fuk out but the white shirt guy is literally walking up to useph in my truck and thats when useph is telling me to get my gun and to stop the car. At that point I am not an idiot, if I stop my car I am obviously now the aggressor and if a gun is involved I could get sent to jail. We come back later and show all the cops the video and the blue shirt guy, exchange emails and get a good laugh out of it. Met like 5 folsom PD's, good night haha. Discussed open carry with a few of the, none were supportive and I have never OC'ed yet in my life and don't know if I will in folsom. One LEO and I chatted about his AR-15 collection, nice guy. Link to the video below..

Im the guy that sounds calm and collected holding the video camera. My friend is the guy that bear hugs and picks up the white shirt guy. He literally suplexed him into the ground, picked him up and had to do it again haha I couldn't believe it haha. I was too worried about H.I.V. at the time to even get near both of them. I know I handled the situation correctly. This is merely for entertainment and obviously could have turned out bad if the guy had a gun.. bad for him


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Aug 29, 2008
Yeah, FAKE. Black people would bling out their saber, mexicans would have the virgin mary on it.


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Aug 13, 2009
Hey Harlem finally posts a cool video.

That shit is awesome when he is poking him with the light saber in the head.


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Aug 27, 2008
lol how did i miss this shit...and it is 100% real for all you haters. This happens on the streets all the time now.


Jul 28, 2009
Kids are fucking stupid.

...But at least they legalized soccer kicks. Good on 'em.


Jul 28, 2009
The guy with the abs lost - Every Overeem fan ever (that means you too, Rogan) must be so disappointed, :(.


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Aug 28, 2008
phoenix, Arizona
um.. yeah the soundtrack there sounded like me burping and farting after eating a lot of taco bell.

I was sincerely disappointed in that fight. I expected someone to go full retard, but They only went deaf

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