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I can't believe they cut Clint from being an admin. For the most part I always thought he did a good job. Looking from the outside in it looks like it might be bc of this forum. I would hope that they don't cut the guy bc he is posting at another forum.


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I undrestand that they run a business but at least show some type of loyalty or gratitude to the people that maintained their site for 2+ years.


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wow sorry to hear this..hell all of you. you busted your asses for us over there. For them not to TELL YOU!!! WTF man!

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I gotta say, after this whole thing I'm definitely done over there. They fucked over the backbone of that site. Whats left now?? Yeah...I'm gonna go back and have a spirited debate with Texasboyballin while smoogy edits all my posts. :eek:so:


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They didn't even send me a fucking PM to tell me what was up.
lol how can you get demoted? it was basically your forum its not like boone ever posted on there or even so much as contributed


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lol how can you get demoted? it was basically your forum its not like boone ever posted on there or even so much as contributed
it boils down to someone's feelings were hurt. They took their ball and went home. It is high school drama bullshit. They demoted clint because he came here. fucking pathetic joke.


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What a bitch move to let you guys go without even a word about it!

Clint...if they are trying to use the excuse that you were a member of another MMA fan site IMHO that is such bullshit. That's your job as an admin - to go check out your competitors and to do a bit of PR to help keep your site staying competitive and prospering. Plus it's a great way to find quality stuff to post on your

That just shows to me that they were way more interested in $$ gained from their ads and membership clicks than they were about respecting all of the hard word that their staff was doing to help them get it.

It looks to me like they are scared of losing their best posters to here and their site over there going to


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Apparently Bullock running MMAFiend, Sundance being a partial owner of mma spot and me I guess having an account at mma spot were considered conflicts of interest.


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I have now been banned as well.

You know what? Fuck' em.

As far as Clint, Bullock and anyone else goes, the doors are open and if you wish to make this your home, than pull up a stool and pour yourself a round.

Boone makes a killing from that site and the staff see nothing for it. As a result, the site fails to grow and just flails along.

Now, the people that made that site what it once was can bring greatness to this site and even exceed it. Why? Because we have the main ingredients right here: The Staff that is dedicated to creating the best site there is and a community that is dedicated to keeping their site the best.

I commend Chuckbooty for stepping down. It is great to see Noob back again.

We have a goal us achieve that goal by sharing thoughts, adding quality discussion to the forums while recommending it to the right people.

The choice to continue visiting the other site is yours...THIS is MY home.


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anyone know what this is all about??

I'm not dealing into all the details of this right now but....there was some forum tampering going on that I would have to guess whoever was going on figured we wouldn't catch on as to what was going on. we did. the risk couldnt be taken to just let ppl have administrators powers and risk the forums getting messed up.

it will be all worked out over the next few days. these decisions came down from the top after 2+2 was put together.

although some may believe around here that was a completely different site than UFC 88 Results, UFC News, UFC Results, EliteXC Results, MMA Forums - MMANEWS.COM, they are in fact owned by the same ppl.

we are moving forward.

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