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This is a thread for you to show us who you are. Show us a pic of who you are.

I put mine first so no one would be embarrassed to post theirs after seeing mine.


I'll try to get something smaller and better later, but I'm in the office and limited to finding picks of me on the web.

For the record that's me grilling it up between softball games. That's my baby girl w/ the red hair.

Yep that's me all 5'10" 230lbs of raw muscle (depending on the angle the caamera is at)

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Beautiful kid Sandy

And TC, I always throw up the peace sign.lfmao

And Val, post a picture of yourself......You can't just comment.


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Me at MMAspot HQ.
you honestly look kinda like christian bale..?

and after looking at my pictures, would you believe I used to have the pretty boy nsync style hair cut that you have? sorry steel but you should have never let me see that pic...lmao


The Ace up our sleeve..
this was taken a couple weeks with spencer fisher.i know its alittle blurry but that happens when you let a drunk buddy take the pic,i was pretty trashed myself



I am chaos
I kicked a knife out of someone's hand.

Tell us the story again please.
lol... you tell me to post a pic and now you want the story... that will be in the epic Palma thread when I get around to creating it.

I'm falling asleep. I will see you surly bastards tomorrow.

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