RDA injured, out of fight with McGregor - now Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz


Conor wants his fucking coffee, NATE. Where we at with that coffee.

"Nate can only count to five." :rofl:, I'm fucking rollin'.


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I can't believe they made them do that interview. That lady probablu didn't even know who she was talking to.


It seems to me that many more people here hate Conor than like him.
I think more people are hating Conor's nutthugging fans than Conor.

They pumped this guy up to unreal levels and they've marked him the GOAT already.

Kinda like Dallas Cowboys fans that think every other team is dog shit except theirs.


I can't believe they made them do that interview. That lady probablu didn't even know who she was talking to.
Don't even blame Nate for walking out, lol. Even Conor's limelight loving ass seemed to get irritated by the end. She had the air of a fuckin'...Rehabilitated battered housewife or someshit.

Can't get over that Nate can't count to five line though, woo. And the coffee - God help Nate if that coffee isn't ready by tomorrow night, lol.

Tomorrow should be fun either way. Given the recent circus acts that have been passed off as MMA, this build up delivers the laughs without degrading the actual fight, imo. I think I'm looking forward to that Siyar-Thatch fight as much as the main and co-main events. Miller-Sanchez is a can't miss, too.

Conor loses? I'll be happy. Nate loses? Just as happy. Should be a fucking classic, either way - Can't WAIT, :D.


only hope conor's wife is good with the money and is in charge of it, because you know if Conor was a single man he would blown threw his fight purse spending it on cars, cocaine, hookers and Faberge eggs.


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You gents seen that clip of Conor and Nate on CNBC? Where he clowns the fucking shit out of him - The reporter asks them to count to ten for a sound check and Conor tells her, "Nate can only count to five." :rofl:, had me fucking dying.


Fucking dead.

:rofl:, yoooo!
God, that was the most uncomfortable and unprofessional interview I have seen in a while. Did they honestly think anyone would answer those questions? The Lady was horrendously awkward the whole time. Connor likes to talk, so that was a good opportunity for him to get some smack talk going. I get the feeling that Nate realized how bullshit the interview was a just checked out. You know, actually not giving a fuck.