RDA injured, out of fight with McGregor - now Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz


Dec 3, 2014
So McGriddly did punch Nate's fist. I thought he slapped it. I would give someone a fine for that. Anything that could have possibly caused an injury that'd prevent the fight from happening deserves a fine. ...Man, maybe I should be president too, you guys.


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Dec 3, 2014
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How can you not be a fan of Nate Diaz.
I am glad he's getting paid.
Hope Nate out works Conor and finishes him late.

I am also a big Conor fan, just have been a bigger Diaz fan alot longer.


Aug 25, 2008
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Just reread several pages of this and a few other threads and I am getting a real sense of how people love to rewrite history to suit arguments why they like or dislike a guy.

I actually like McGregor. Think he's a beast of a fighter. But for these folks to act like, and then state that what he's doing is unheard of or trailblazing or defying odds is just plain horseshit.

He's moving up two weight classes to fight a guy that walks around at generally the same weight as he does.

He's not even moving up to face a champion (not now), or a former champion, or even a guy that was literally on the doorstep of a title shot. So let's stop acting like he he moved up and decided to pick a fight with the biggest baddest dude in the yard.

I love what he's doing. I love the swagger. I love that he's doing it all in the face and actually somewhat disrespectfully toward Dana White. I think its fantastic. But its not new. It's just being brought to you buy FS1 and Youtube.

I'm fine with all the huggers enjoying the ride. Hell its a fun ride. But you don't have to rewrite the past to make this guy's present seem like greatness. That will come in time. The greats built it over time. You're all trying to thrust a decade of greatness and hardwork on to a guy that's truly only been on the scene for about 20 months now.


Aug 27, 2008
Pensacola, Florida
Yet you're a fucktard.
You're entitled to your opinion. It can be a shitty one, but you're still entitled.

I gave you examples of guys that were successful not cutting weight. Yes they continue to cut, or have reverted back to cutting the weight. But that doesn't change the fact that all said that they felt quicker, sharper, and had better cardio at a natural weight.
And I also listed the resasons whey a fighter would choose to cut rather than fight at a natural weight.
The reason they cut is so they don't have to fight other people who cut. So again, if not cutting weight as advantage, they would stop cutting and fight those guys that are.

Edgar lost to Henderson who outweighed him by probably 30 pounds on fight night, and there was distinct strength advantage for Bendo in that fight. That hurts Frankie's wrestling base and puts him at a disadvantage in punching power. He was faster and had better gas, but couldn't seem to dent the chin of the taller, longer, stronger, heavier opponent. But he goes down to 145 and he's putting bitches to sleep.
Sooo its better for him to cut weight....

You really believe that a 145 lbs version of BJ Penn is even going to happen?
It already did happen..soooo yes?

If it does, how long did it take him to transform his body? Still doesn't change the fact that the best BJ ever felt was fighting at 170.
That's fine, maybe as a fighter he feels better at 170. But its still a disadvantage fighting up or he wouldn't be cutting

WOW, I was a way off on Anderson. Yeah, that 5 lbs makes my argument completely void.
Read again. He comes in to the weight cut 10lbs over. He gradually loses weight during camp. That makes your argument void.

He's fighting 10 lbs under his pre-cut weight against guys like Henderson, Machida, Weidman, Belfort, Sonnen that cut as much as 35 lbs to fight MW. And is successful. And when he cut to 170 (see ROTR and Pride fights) he didn't look as impressive. His speed and reaction advantages dried up. Being a striker first, that speed and ability to dodge attacks is what made him so dominant for so long. Something he loses when he cuts. Oh, and since he fought at LHW, how did he look when he didn't even have to worry about trying to watch his diet? Looked even faster and even more unhittable.
I'm not arguing if a fighter looks/feels better not cutting weight. I'd say that's pretty obvious. What I'm arguing is not cutting weight is an advantage. Again, if it was so much of an advantage, more people would be doing it.

No one? You sure about that?

There used be this tall skinny guy at LHW that fought in Pride that moved up to HW. Won a SF title and is a top contender in the UFC. I think his name is Alistaor Or something like that.
There were these two guys that fought at 145 out of the Cesar Gracie camp. Both had success and earned names at that weight, but moved up a weight class. One won a SF title and fought for a UFC title (Melendez). The other has fought a whose who of guys and even has fought at 170 a few times. I think he's fighting this weekend at 170.
And we already talked about Anderson Silva right? I did mention how he made his name originally as a WW right?
So for argument, lets say 4 people? Out of those 4, how many aren't cutting weight? And to be clear, not getting weight and fighting at your walk around weight is a lot different than getting on steroids and moving up (Overeem)[/QUOTE][/QUOTE]
Two people are doing it on Saturday, but only one of them is getting any credit for it from the media.
Nate took the fight on short notice. He normally cuts. So which one is moving up to 170 for an advantage?
Randy Coture also jumps right into the conversation. He was allowed to jump back and forth in weight (hey @chrisc here's an example of a guy that moved up to be more successful), pick title shots. Fight some has-been boxer. Make movies. and call his own shots.
Sure he moved up and had some success. But apparently, just moving up didn't have the advantages he thought because he moved back down as well.


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Aug 27, 2008
Just picking on how he's proved all the naysayers wrong in each fight that people thought he'd lose all the way up to Aldo. He's broke into a realm beyond any other fighter in which he calls his own shots and has supreme leverage against the UFC. He's become not just a fighting champion but an absolute superstar. He showed what kind of man he is by stepping up to face RDA, and now he's about to fight at WW. 'Defied the odds' may be exaggerating my statement but you know what I mean. The man has done much more than most fighters ever will, and has been successful thus far. He's so close to doing something no one has ever attempted, and that would be considered defying the odds, if he can steal that WW titleshot.

Do you want to give me a name for 2 ears or are you just testing how much I believe Conor will be victorious?

I'm asking if you are willing to do a name bet for 2 years.
Everybody remember this, just in case.
I never forget


Aug 27, 2008
Rexdale, Toronto, Ontario
had money on conor with my boy he called me and cancelled the bet.

Glad i can just lay back and enjoy the carnage without a dog in the race

Oh and dont fuck with Ido SON!

So I still didn't get it,@natediaz209 , first it's you who were doing some movement training already back in the day but then it's a shitty approach to take?? Which one is it?! Well, mr Diaz is under a lot of pressure. I understand mistakes can happen.

Seriously, next time I'll jump on stage with my pool noodle and smack some heads around.

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Dec 3, 2014
If the same Nate shows up like he did against Johnson, I could see him winning. My only problem is how many leg kicks is he gonna eat before he starts checking them.


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Aug 27, 2008
I'm literally sick of the loud mouth bullshit. Shut the fuck up already. It's obnoxious at this point.


Jul 28, 2009

The Madman

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Dec 3, 2014
Did I just see Rockhold vs Weidman 2, Cruz Faber 3, and mighty mouse vs Henry for UFC 200?

Nvm it said all roads lead to 200.
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