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I appreciate it!

But calling me gay will probably be considered immature and edited
I did wait a while to post that I didn't want to hijack a thread until it had a chance to get some legit rrsponses.


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Trolls (freak) and (also freak) your ignorance isn’t wanted

But anyway, those who follow the Bible, what are your opinions on homosexuality? Specifically being viewed as a sin and accepted/not accepted by God?

Trying to get different perspectives and I know there’s a few religious people here. I am genuinely interested and if you don’t want to post, you can PM

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William Munny

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I was raised and confirmed Roman Catholic. I went through about 8-9 years of CCD. All the lessons made it pretty clear that homosexuals were sexual deviants. No one split hairs regarding the "act" vs. the person. The person wasn't specifically categorized as a sinner either, since technically we're all sinners in the eyes of Catholicism.

Sexual deviant. Sexual pervert. Those were the terms I heard in the 80s and 90s from the church.

I personally grew up confusing homosexuality with pedophilia like a lot of people do. I considered transgenderism a form of mental illness. With no exposure to either group of people I just had the insight from the one source.

A lot of those views might still be more prevalent had the whole HIV/AIDS thing not come about. AIDS meant eventual education and cable news meant it was beyond containment to local sources. That was my introduction to alternative lifestyle cultures.

If you're not keeping tabs the RCC isn't big on the whole education-thing. They're much more about enshirement and indoctrination. Lots of statue fetishes left over from the Roman and Byzantine empires.

My issues with Catholicism started well before homosexuality but when it got there I'm pretty sure I disavowed faith in general. What I observed in the church and in the community were people openly hostile towards gay people. I would agree that the church helped to vilify and stoke anger towards gays, I observed as much in both mass and in their education system.

@William Munny may also be able to comment on that. He grew up in the same area at the same time more or less.

Personally I never understood the problem. There's two big ones as I can tell and they both stem from fear.

1. Women's sexual autonomy. Probably move death and suffering is due to old number 1 than anything else. Nothing scarier than the thought of women enjoying sex the way men enjoy sex. The horror.

2. Homosexuality. Fear of not understanding what it means to gay and fear of believing you might be.

I don't know how I avoided the group-think. My parents are homophobic and bigoted. My friends at the time were as well. I should have fit right in with everyone else but I just never hated people because of what they were born. Sounds hippy as fuck to say, but it's true. Plenty of well to do, attractive, popular, and faithful people were horrible to me and others. That was lesson enough to judge people in terms of what they do and not what's on the surface, or how we classify them.

And.. Lesbians. Cinemax was my introduction to lesbian sex. If you hate that then maybe Earth isn't for you?
I forgot to reply to this thread after me gots tagged.

Ninja we grew up in the same school district. I went to rcc in shoreham. Most of the parishioners were from the leisure senior living areas around the church so I didn’t really experience any members of the church saying homophobic things but that was bc I wasn’t around them much. When church was over we left didn’t stick around to talk w anyone and didn’t go to any retreats or church functions. As the years went on we went to church less and less .

That said back in the 80s Long Island wasn’t exactly welcoming to the gay community and even now Suffolk county is conservative, I think trump won here by like 8-9 points

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