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This is a petition to get her to schedule a debate and a roll call vote on the Federal Reserve Transparency Act (HR 1207). The bill currently has 186 co-sponsors and is making some serious progress. Our message will be heard. We will not be silenced!

Also if your congressmen hasn't co-sponsored this bill yet send them a petition as well.
Will never happen, the Dems and Reps are the same party. Paul and Sanders, Kucinich are the only politicians that have real convictions. Others just play to their base. It's easy to co sign a bill that you know will never make it to the Senate floor.


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As I've repeatedly pointed out, and as you have never been able to address, the irrefutable historical evidence indicates that the Fed has been an extremely effective organization. Our economy has been much more stable and has grown much more under the Fed than previous systems. Pretty much every government out there hasnt switched over to a fiat system because they thought it would be fun or whatever. They did it because it works and the alternatives have been shown to not work as well. This has all been said before and you couldnt address anything, so I'm not going to repeat the examples.

Blaming the Fed for our current economic problems is stupid. The massive overspending that is causing so many problems is NOT the Fed's fault. Its Congress's. And if you get rid of the Fed, then CONGRESS gets to make all the monetary decisions. I dont know about you, but I dont want a bunch of dumb ass Congressmen making all those decisions over trained economists. Especially since Congress has repeatedly and consistently shown that they suck completely at implementing sound long term economic policies (especially the so called fiscally conservative party which spends worse than the Democrats do).

If you read any detailed history of the Fed, you will find that under guys like Volker and even Greenspan, that the Fed was the on pushing strongly for more fiscally conservative economic policies while Congress and the President were the parties pushing for fiscally lax shit. The reason is obvious - Congress and the President have to face the next election, so they always implement policies that will be good in the short term but bad in the long term (often times some kind of excessive spending) just so that they can win the next election. This is why Congress will throw money at short term problems but cant address anything more than a few years away.

Ron Paul is a nut who doesnt give a shit about what the evidence says and doesnt care about what the real cause of the current recession is. Any time the economy goes down at all he starts ranting "EVIL FED" whether or not its the cause at all.

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