Nebraska state senator refers to American flag as 'a rag': 'That's all it is to me'


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Aug 16, 2014
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Nebraska state senator refers to American flag as 'a rag': 'That's all it is to me'

A Nebraska state senator is receiving backlash after he referred to the American flag as a “rag” during a heated debate surrounding a bill about bettering history instruction for students in the state.

Senator Ernie Chambers, an Independent representing Omaha, debated Senator Tom Brewer, a Republican, over LB 399, which would update social studies requirements for students. Chambers was vocal over his concerns that the updates would teach a version of U.S. history that would highlight only white Americans, and not represent all Americans.

“Senator Groene wants to talk about the meaning of respect,” Chambers said Tuesday. “What do white people mean by it and what do black people mean by it? White people mean we’ve gotta bow down to what they tell us as black people to bow down to. I don’t come here for this rag every day, and it’s a rag. That’s all it is to me. When you show a way to persuade Jews to sanctify and worship the swastika — when you show me that I’ll come up here and stand while you all hypocritically pretend that rag is something that it definitely is not.”

Brewer, who served in the military for more than 30 years, held back tears during his rebuttal. KMTV reported his response: “It rips our heart out to hear someone say that they refer to the flag as a rag because for those of us that have brought home, those that we’ve lost, it’s hard to refer to the flag as a rag because you have to fold it and you have to give it to the parents — that’s awful hard to do.”


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Aug 27, 2008
I also consider the Flag a rag. It's a symbol meant for, as Carlin out it, symbol-minded people. Symbols are only as good as the referent and the referent hasn't been agreed upon.. ever.

So all the pomp and circumstance associated with flag worship, I absolutely understand it. The deification and enshrinement of objects is something that native to the human condition. It has the power to elevate their importance. There's a magic to it.

But the reality is that flag is likely mass produced in China by workers that have little to no rights in their place of employment. Or it's made in Mexico, a place that currently being demonized by large segments of the population. Or it's made in the Philippines or Thailand. It's a nylon rag meant to symbolize American virtues which are.. what exactly?

Freedom? We have the highest rate of incarceration. Wealth? Prosperity? The kind that has led us to epidemics of obesity, prescription drug abuse, and unmitigated environmental risk..

I don't think we agree upon what the flag represents any more than people agree upon what "god" is. Your time is better spent elsewhere. Flags will not feed you, they'll not shelter you, they'll certainly not inform you. Flags can however bind you. Especially intellectually.

Never wear your own chains.


Aug 27, 2008
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I wouldn’t call it a rag but it’s not what people make it out to be. I understand it stands, for some people, about the ultimate sacrifice people have made. And I respect for that. But I don’t need some material made in a factor for me to respect and understand those sacrifices. And yeah given what I do I’ve had quite a few heated discussions about it

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