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Not sure if I buy having the best defense of all time, but certainly the best hips. Easily the best puncher from the hips the sport has ever seen.


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Didn't watch the video as I'm at work but he definately had some of the best defense in the history of the sport,he was virtually unhittable for a period there in his early twenties,which set up his attack due to his opponents inability to set up their punches & became nothing more than tentative human punching bags.
Don't know that he's better than PBF,nobody with the power to hurt him has ever been able to get near him,the way he tucks his chin yet still keeps his eyes on what's coming at him is second to none I've seen.
Then there's Ray Robinson,who left the majority of his opponents swinging at air & once won a round without throwing a punch,can't say I've seen much of him fight but the stories you hear about him are legendary.


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Pure defense would probably have to go to Mayweather Jr... But to me his defense is not as impressive as the way someone like Toney could turn the tiniest opportunity into a great offensive attack.


I remember when I was a little kid I saw video's of Tyson and I thought "wow...thats incredible"

like when I watched michael jordan "wow thats incredible"

If only Tyson had his head screwed on straight

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