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Yea and no where did I say he got what was coming to him. I also admitted I was wrong.
Come on, man. We have the receipts.
Disagree all you want. They didn't have enough evidence to debunk his story to press charges to begin with but they tried anyway. They got embarrassed in court and he walked. The evidence is the evidence. Not to mention the evidence against Martins character that wasnt allowed in court. You wanna ignore that in court? That's okay, but stop pegging Martin as some innocent kid when he wasnt.

Its funny how no one covered all the good shit Zimmerman did for his community both before and after this trial and completely gloss over that Martin was a fucking trouble maker yet talk about Zimmermans arrest in 2005 as it being more relevant than Martins suspensions from school and being caught with a burglary kit and stolen jewelry. Does he being a trouble maker make him deserve to be murdered? Fuck no. But he wasnt murdered. He was shot by the guy whose head he was slamming into concrete.
Also having an opinion about someone else’s actions is a bit different than treating another person like shit just because you can. You routinely go out of your way to treat people like shit and it’s unnecessary. You’re a smart guy. You have to know these things.
I’m not even in the top five of biggest assholes on this forum. And I didn’t go out of my way to treat anyone badly. Sak was flipping out on Miz, and I chimed in.


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I don’t find it unusual for someone to consider someone else suspicious. It happened to me, on multiple occasions when I dated a girl in an affluent neighborhood and I was poor white trash. And you’re using the term kid a little loosely. I had a fun pulled on me by a 13 year old. A lot of people consider teenagers to be amongst the most dangerous group of people in society.

In this particular case, I was wrong about the particulars and there’s other way for me to say that.
Using the term kid a little loosely? He was 16 years old, he was a fucking kid. He also didn't pull a gun on Zimmerman.... I also don't care if it happened to you, what is that supposed to mean? Because someone found YOU suspicious it's okay to find others as well? Also doesn't make the person that found you suspicious right either.

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