Mcgregor vs. Poirier II


Jul 28, 2009
I fucking hope they make their business away from Dana and the UFC, lol. What a great precedent that would set, :hammer:.

Even if this is just posturing – awesome publicity stunt, 10/10.


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Aug 28, 2008
phoenix, Arizona
I’m all for this fight, but if they want to do this then why not do Conor El Cucuy?
exactly. this is a good fight, but the reality is it's a warm up being veiled as a grudge filled rematch. It's not like winning is going to prove anything. there certainly weren't any lingering questions in my mind last time.

Whatever. I just hope manny actually gets in and fights him, not just spars and make him look good, which also seems pretty obvious it'll happen. Exhibition, so basically a fight that means nothing and they can easily use it to prop a far less skilled boxer up so he can move on and fight again.

I mean look at this description of how Conor did in the mayweather fight, when we all know that he was never in control, ahead in the cards etc. Floyd just stood there for the first 3 or 4 rounds and let him swing for the fences. Remember? it was funny. Course I didn't know this until after he actually started fighting in the 9th but it was really pretty clear afterwards.

At the time of stoppage, the scorecards read 87–83, 89–82, and 89–81, all in favour of Mayweather. McGregor was praised by Dana White in the post-fight press conference for landing 111 punches of 430 thrown (26%) on Mayweather, which was more than Manny Pacquiao landed in his fight against Mayweather billed as The Fight of the Century, and more than any of Mayweather's previous nine opponents. Mayweather was far more accurate however, landing 170 of 320 punches thrown (53%).[130]
This was so funny. he landed all those strikes because Floyd knew almost immediately he had no power and he needed to stretch the fight to the 10th


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Oct 13, 2008
I can see Fergs point. But all I can think of is that beating took some years off his life. I've never seen anyone repeatedly shake their head like that in an attempt to remove the instant CTE from their brain.
Plus it's super difficult to differentiate what's CTE and just Tony's natural retardation.


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Mar 31, 2011
Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones “very open” to having Conor McGregor-Dustin Poirier 2 at AT&T Stadium
“I’m a real admirer of his (Conor McGregor’s),” Jones said of McGregor on 105.3 The Fan on Friday (via TMZ Sports). “He’s one of the neatest individuals I think I’ve met. Period.”

Given he is an admirer of Conor McGregor’s, he is open to the idea of making that fight happen in Texas with fans in attendance.

“(Conor McGregor) is special,” Jones said. “It would be quite a day for AT&T Stadium to have him.”

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