McCain Picks a Female VP?

McCain Picking a Hot Chick for VP a good Idea?

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GnP that Diverticulitis
Aug 29, 2008
Hell yeah, She used to smoke pot when it was legal in Alaska. That alone gets her bonus points for me. PLus she has challanged her own party on many issues. Awsome


The Tirade Masta
Aug 27, 2008
Elk Grove, CA
He's lost the experience claim, and the people that could never vote for a woman (though they couldn't vote for a black guy either probably) I don't think it'll help either way.


I think it will help him with some of the women vote, but I don't think it will help him with the old conservatives much.

The other thing that he has to worry about are the people who are looking at the 2nd in command in case of something bad happening. McCain is old as dirt and is starting to show signs of Alzheimers from what I have seen/read. That can't bode well for his run, nor can the conservatives who only want a white rich man in office. Now some of them will be thinking this, do we want a rich white guy for the short term, only to have the power be given to a woman, or would we rather have a male, regardless of race in office...

And I know that people are thinking that because while I was at the gym there were 4 old farts discussing this exact thing. And by old farts I mean the kind you don't want to see at the gym old fart.


King of the Dirty South
Aug 26, 2008
Dixieland Bayou
I am in Love with Gov Palin although McCain still can't win. Listen, Our minders....that is the people who really run this country don't care is the Prez is Purple as long as they can control them. If McCain kicks it, and this fine as GILF (Governor I'd Like to Fuck) becomes Prez the powers that be will easily be able to control and use her just as easy as an old ass cracker.


New Member
Aug 26, 2008
There is a report on CNN that McCain only met her once and that was six months ago, I don't know how relevant it is but seems weird to me.


New Member
Aug 23, 2008
Club Med
Worst decision ever. This lady has next to no experience. A first term governor of one of the most underpopulated states in the US? Yea, she's definitely worthy of being next in line to the most important political position in the world.

This seals the deal for me. Even if John McCain tomorrow were to switch his views on almost everything I disagree with, I'd never vote for him just knowing he picked a woman to be on his ticket more for her gender, and definitely, absolutely NOT her experience (or lack thereof).

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