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Jon Jones takes plea deal in drag-racing case, must complete aggressive driving school
Jon Jones has taken a plea deal in his drag-racing case.

The UFC star pleaded guilty to unlawful use of modification of exhaust systems and improper display of registration plate in Albuquerque (N.M.) Metropolitan Court on Thursday morning, according to court spokesperson Camille Baca. The other charges — unlawful drag racing, unlawful exhibition driving and failure to maintain traffic lane — were thrown out.

Jones was given a 90-day deferred sentence. In that period, he must complete aggressive driving school, comply with any previous driving restrictions, complete 60 hours of community service and pay a fine of $143. He must not violate any laws in that time.

TMZ was the first to report the sentence.

Jones, 29, already has 51 hours of community service completed from a probation violation in March in relation to the drag-racing charges. During that hearing, a judge ordered Jones attend anger management and driver improvement courses and do 60 hours of community service. He also needs approval from his probation officer every time he wants to drive.

The former longtime UFC light heavyweight champion was pulled over March 24 by Albuquerque Police Department officer Jason Brown. Jones can be seen vehemently denying he was drag racing on Brown's body cam video. The confrontation got heated with Jones calling Brown a "f*cking liar" and a "pig." Brown responded with snark.

Jones was already on probation following pleading guilty to a felony hit-and-run charge back in September. He was granted a conditional discharge in that case, which included 18 months of probation and 72 appearances of charity work. If Jones fulfilled that in that time span and didn't break the law, the judge said, he would be re-sentenced and the felony would likely be wiped clear from his record.

Things are complicated for Jones when it comes to the UFC right now as well. He tested positive for two anti-estrogen agents, clomiphene and letrozole, before UFC 200 and was pulled from the main event title fight with Daniel Cormier three days before the big card. Jones is denying he knowingly took those substances. His team is currently looking into ways in which Jones might have unknowingly ingested the banned drugs.

Jones is facing sanctions from both USADA, the UFC's anti-doping partner, and the Nevada Athletic Commission. From USADA, the standard suspension for performance-enhancing drugs is two years.

The UFC stripped Jones of the light heavyweight title when he was arrested for felony hit and run in April 2015. He won the interim title by beating Ovince Saint Preux in his return to the Octagon back in April.


Jones on roids reminded me of Alex Rodriguez of roids. Neither needed them and had all the physical gifts in the world. Using them did more to hurt their career than help it. Hurt Arod more than Jones as Jones is probably the best LHW ever. A-Rod should have/could have broken the home run record or other records if it was the injuries/suspensions as a result of the roid use.


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Class. When I think MMA first word that comes to mind. Right after 'Douche' of course.

MMA is truly the sport of douchebags. I'm just happy they have their outlet.


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According to him and his lawyer. They have yet to actually provide any proof, but his disciplinary meeting with the commission is still a few days away.

This whole supplement thing seems questionable at best. Jones and lawyers just had months to shop around and test supplements until they found one that was tainted. How can Jones actually prove that was the supplement he was actually ingesting at the time of his failed test? Seems like any athlete with the financial means could easy go this route.

I hope I am wrong. Someone please tell me I am. If not that's one hell of an over sight in USADAS policies.

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