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Just after the UFC announced Jon “Bones” Jones will have a championship fight in April following a long layoff after he crashed into a pregnant woman and took off, KRQE News 13 has learned his driving problems continue. Online court documents show on January 31st Jones was cited for driving without a license, registration and insurance, by a Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Deputy.
KRQE News 13 reached out to the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office to find out more about Jones being ticketed on January 31st but did not hear back.

Jones is due in traffic court Wednesday morning on charges of driving without a license, insurance and registration.
Probation violation? Oh no wait, it's Jon Jones.


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A rep for Jon Jones said the former former light-heavyweight champion was pulled over for a minor traffic infraction and “fully cooperated” before being issued a citation.

Denise White, CEO of Jones’ PR and crisis management firm, EAG Sports, initially told MMAjunkie the fighter was pulled over for speeding, but later clarified she “misspoke” and said she didn’t know why he was pulled over.

“He will be in traffic court on Wednesday like everyone else that gets a ticket,“ White said. “He is fully licensed and insured.”

Jones, 28, was cited for driving without a driver’s license, proof of insurance or registration. He is due in Albuquerque Metropolitan court on Wednesday at 10:30 a.m. MT.

The traffic trouble is potentially problematic for Jones, who’s scheduled to headline UFC 197 in April, because he’s still serving 18 months of supervised probation that was ordered with a plea agreement stemming from a hit-and-run accident. Under the terms of his probation, he is forbidden from breaking any laws.

The Albuquerque district attorney’s office and UFC officials said they are looking into the issue.

“Our office has the discretion to pursue a revocation of probation if an alleged incident arises to the level of a substantial violation of probation,” wrote Kayla Anderson, public information officer for Albuquerque’s second judicial district attorney’s office. “Our office makes that determination after we have examined all the facts surrounding the incident. As of today, we do not have enough information about the Jan. 31 incident to make that determination, but we will examine the matter.”

It’s unclear whether UFC officials were aware of Jones’ current trouble when they announced his rematch with champ Daniel Cormier at UFC 197, which takes place April 23 in Las Vegas.

Jones (21-1 MMA, 15-1 UFC) hopes to win back the title that was stripped by the promotion in the wake of his accident. He hasn’t fought since defending his belt against Cormier (17-1 MMA, 6-1 UFC), who went on to win the vacant belt, at UFC 182.

As MMAjunkie reported earlier today, Jones has been repeatedly cited for driving infractions and once pled guilty to driving while intoxicated. But according to White, he is making a concerted effort to turn around his life and pass on a message of positivity while fulfilling the terms of his probation, which include giving 72 public speaking engagements.


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LMFAO! Should have seen this coming. Hope he does some decent jail time now.
Almost anywhere you are, driving without a license is most of the time just a citation or "civil offense" and not a criminal charge. If this had happened during the 6 month suspension of his license he pled to in 2012 for the DUI it would make it criminal and a probation violation.

Edit: I do know that in Oregon however habitual repeat offenses of the same civil offense can get it escalated to a criminal charge. But I think it has to be like 8 driving while suspended tickets in Oregon.


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Well yes, if we compare it to all the shit he has done in the past, ¨only¨ driving without license is not as bad.

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This isn't going to end up getting him pulled from the fight and they're already it's probably not a probation violation etc, but it's a dumb move. I mean, when you look at easily avoidable mistakes and exercises in poor decision-making, this one feels like something he should've been able to thoughtfully sidestep. If I'm ZUFFA, I almost plant a fucking company 24/7 driver at Jones' disposal at all times just to mitigate any potential whoopsies that he might find himself in.


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What the fuck is Jones doing driving himself around anyways? Doesn't he have some useless hang around friend who can do all his driving? He also needs someone else to manage his Twitter. ZUFFA needs to pay a guy to be Jones' 24/7 "Don't fuck up" coach.


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Well yes, if we compare it to all the shit he has done in the past, ¨only¨ driving without license is not as bad.
or compare it to anything anyone has ever done at all... driving without a license is absolutely nothing; not even a misdemeanor.


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It is still against the rules though.

How much of a fine is it in the USA for driving without a license?
In Mexico it is about 90 dollars


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It is still against the rules though.

How much of a fine is it in the USA for driving without a license?
In Mexico it is about 90 dollars
I think it depends on the state. Here in CA it used to be a "fix it" ticket; meaning you just go to the police station with the citation and show em your license then the ticket gets dropped. Not sure if that is still the case as its been about 10 years since i got that particular citation.


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Lol I'm not defending or saying anything he does it right. What I find funny is so many people would be drooling at the chance to say how shitty it is for someone to be charged with one thing or another and the police suck yadda yadda. When it's someone they don't like though, ohhhhh now that's a totally different story.

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