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I just wanted to let you all know that I graduated from med school yesterday so now I’m officially an MD. I’m going into family medicine. Bullet point time:

-I will not look at your rashes.
-I will not prescribe you weed.
-Jokes about “gloves” are expected and will be greeted with an uncomfortable chuckle.
-Token “turn your head and cough” jokes will be treated as above.
-Quit smoking, eat a balanced diet, and get plenty of exercise you bastards.
-An apple a day will not keep me away. That’s bitch shit and I ain’t no bitch.
-I cannot legally give you medical advice unless you make an appointment, which costs money because ‘Murcia.
-Yes you all have to call me doctor now.

But for real, I wanted to say thanks to everyone here for the role you all played in giving me something that helped me maintain my sanity in a really stressful time. I may not post as often anymore but I’m always reading because I’m a creep and that’s what creeps do. This forum is a great community of fine gentlemen and repugnant scoundrels. And that interplay makes for some fascinating reading. So thank you all for that.


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Fuck yes! Congratulations, man! Amazing accomplishment. And so it begins. I hope you'll let us in on the crazy stories you are going to be a party to.

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Congratulations man. I can't imagine spending years to gain knowledge in a field like that, I'd just give up like a pussy in a year or less (not to mention the disgusting ass shit you have seen and will see). Much respect!


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Big fucking whoop
I swear to god I came here to say 'whoopdy fucking do,' and then I was going to "@" you to tell him he's still a bitch.
[DOUBLEPOST=1525071044,1525070989][/DOUBLEPOST]I'm still smarter than you Nate Deezy.

I technically have doctor in my title too, asshole. Get over yourself.
[DOUBLEPOST=1525071099][/DOUBLEPOST]No I'm just kidding though. I still love you, kinda.

[DOUBLEPOST=1525071147][/DOUBLEPOST]Now go be like Intellectual and forget about us.


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Ever want to move to Vancouver Island and practice? Hit me up, the lil lady is a recruiter of family doctors wanting to relocate.. Contributing to other nations brain-drain, one doctor at a time ;)

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Nate Deezy! I didn’t know it was you! That sure is one hell of an accomplishment. I remember you talking about it 4-5+ years ago like it was yesterday. You grinded all the way through. A huge congratulations and many wishes to good fortune in your future.

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