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Does MMA need to change?

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- Move judging away from the boxing format and more to an MMA format that encompasses how diverse the action is in MMA.
- The UFC has to get rid of the Reebok contract and allow fighters outside sponsorship's the week of the fights and to advertise on their shorts.
- Have an actual ranking system that rewards fighters who win fights. I understand the need to put on big money fights to sell PPV's...but don't let those tie up divisions.
- The UFC needs to make sure that the champion defends their title at least once every 12 months barring an injury.
A lot of this is exactly how i've been saying i think it should be for awhile.

That's why i wish the Ali Act would get brought in to MMA.

The UFC is big enough now it could survive the transition.

But the key things here are an outside agency that is not connected financially in any way to the orgs themselves. I think having it answer to congress sounds shitty, but it's also a way to keep from narrowing the perspective and keep it honest. because lying under oath gets you sent to pri.... well just ask Martha Stewart how lying pays off when you get to the top.\

This would also open the door for independent broadcasting that isn't tied to an org, which keeps the discussion relevant, and honest. Which it absolutely is not right now.

It also opens for real journalists to get brought in instead of low level hacks to feed stories to.

Anyway, it would establish independent ranking that is not tied in any way to financials, or any org.

I've also said that champions should never, under any circumstances be able to refuse to fight the next lower challenger if it's presented. You accept or lose your belt. And if you aren't defending it yearly, barring injury, you lose it, unless it's not the champions fault it can't be defended in that time, because that can happen.

But the bottom line is this will be a true global sport if the control is taken away from the orgs and forced to an outside agency, and orgs should be forced to adhere to an agreed format (must defend against contenders, and must defend every year) or risk losing sanctioning in the outside org that controls ranking.

EDIT: i should add, I didn't read most of my posts prior to this but I do see i made some, one exception is I read a part of my last post saying i don't think scoring will change. I realize my thoughts have probably changed, but the evolution of the sport, the strengthening of the orgs, bullshit like the Reebok deal and the introduction of things like the ALi Act force me to re-evaluate my opinions.

I know at one point I never thought the commissions would entertain changing scoring, and they not only considered it, they changed it. So it's all more possible than i thought.


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MMA doesn't need to be fixed. The UFC does.

Less events. Less divisions. Cards are spread thin. Champions have no contenders.

Go back to SpikeTV and Mickeys, and forget Bud Light and Fox.

Tbh, there's no fixing the UFC though. The moment Zuffa sold the company, it was over.

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