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Your tears don't fall...
This is so cool. Thanks for remembering my brother. He would have been 49 today. This is the 1st bday since he passed Aug.

Love and miss you bro. Have a wonderful heavenly bday!!

PS. If you had anything to do with the Pelicans getting the #1 pick, thanks!!
Would be hilarious if he went up to god and was like, "Yo, G-man, you think you could do me and my bro a solid?"


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Happy Birthday Scottler.

I miss you more than you can possibly imagine.

Everyday when I think about you (and it happens every fucking day) it hurts my heart, but I end up smiling and laughing thinking about some of the absolutely insane shit we experienced together over the last 30+ years.

Yesterday made 9 months that you've been gone, but it feels like an eternity to me. Nine months and I still ain't right. I don't know how long it'll take for that to happen......if it ever does happen.

I've had tears in my eyes while I've been typing this, but I'm done now.

It's time to think of the good times and celebrate, so I've got my hash pipe packed and I'm about to get twisted.

No worries bro, I'll hit this bitch for you more than one time...Haha!

You know I've always got your back.

I hope you have a kickass birthday.

I love you, man.

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