Guns and White Power Thread


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Aug 26, 2008
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mortality, ka, and the Tower
Nov 25, 2011
Just read about the Supreme Court taking up the case on cnn. Will be interesting with the conservative court. Long lasting Trump implications.


mortality, ka, and the Tower
Nov 25, 2011
He missed an elephant? I love hunting. I’ve only hunted in Missouri. When I was in Kosovo some locals in this mountainous region were hunting hogs. I stopped and talked to them. Running them with dogs. They invited me along. I had to decline. If our Army was cooler I would have done it. I bet the Polish would have.
I would never shoot an elephant. I don’t believe they eat it. My dream is elk. Want to hear them bugle.
I love hunting. Going to spring turkey hunt this weekend. You wouldn’t believe how cool it is to call a Tom in all strutting and gobbling. It’s my favorite next to opening day of rifle deer season.

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So getting snipped today. Gonna sit in the basement game and enjoy bags of frozen peas
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