Guns and White Power Thread


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Nov 25, 2014
Point of order, the Kyle Chapman who's running the Proud Boys is NOT the Kyle Chapman from NZ - he's actually a completely different white supremecist scumbag who coincidentally shares the same name.

And as @Malevolence predicted he's from Christchurch which is a hotbed of white supremecist and skinhead fuckwittery. The kind of guys who cheered the Christchurch Mosque terror attacks online. Which was a dumb thing to do, because post-massacre those same guys, their families and their associates and friends have now come to the attention of the police and security agencies and have found themselves on watch lists.
Kyle Chapman from USA calls himself Based Stickman and is a piece of shit.


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Feb 27, 2012
Atlanta, Ga

It's Soo fucking toxic in Georgia right now. Can't help but feel that something bad is going to happen between now and January. This is the same county where that homeowner erected a trump billboard in his front yard.


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Aug 26, 2008
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Good thread here if you go to the link:

Are you calling for civil war?

You’ve clearly never seen what civil war can wreak, because you don’t want that shit for your people.

You can’t handle wearing a mask for a few minutes, but you think you’ll be fine when power goes out, telecommunications are cut?

You think it will be fun hiking to the nearest semi uncontaminated water source because water’s been knocked out and your shitter hasn’t flushed in a month?

You’ll be ok waiting in line with thousands of others for food while hoping a bomb didn’t drop off target and hit you?

Every one of you thinks you’ll be the tough warlord while you’re at best likely to end up as someone’s supply mule, forced to cough up whatever you’ve scraped up to some badder thug than you, because 99.9% chances are you ain’t the top dog.

You think you’ll be ok because you’ve got a bunch of guns and you’ve been training, but what happens to your kids, your mom combattant family? No matter how tough things can be now, they’ll be a thousand times worse for everyone if SHTF.

Looking for a place to stay alive in February when your house is a bombed out husk or has been burnt to the ground is fucking awesome, trust me.

Think you’re too well prepared and that won’t happen to you and your family? Check out the civil wars that have happened in other countries in the past 20 years. A 2.0 will be just as bad or worse.

You may think you want that. To live your little adventure sticking it to libs or whatever, but reality will hit you in the face like a sledge hammer at some point, and you’ll realize that this is all way more than you bargained for.

If you think you have nothing to lose, I guarantee you’ll look back and realize how much you had and just tossed it into America’s funeral pyre so that you could satisfy a fantasy rather than dealing with reality.

So that you could do everything America’s enemies have been praying and pushing for America to do: tear itself apart. Because that is the only way it can be defeated.

You’re a patriot that wants America to be strong and relevant? Then don’t let it come to this, because the biggest loser will be America, and you’ll be handing victory to those enemies on a silver platter.
I'm glad this thread is resonating.

I don't have a SoundCloud, but remember that climate change amplifies all the issues that lead to conflict and has led to the collapse of many mighty civilizations in the past.

It's a national security imperative to address it.

Presenting my excuses to all my brothers and sisters in arms commenting on here. This thread has blown up and I don’t have time to write to each of you. Thank you so much for your response & your input.

You all have important stories to tell to help bring the national conversation back to reality and help bring people back from the edge of the chasm we are edging toward."


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Nov 25, 2011
That racist white dude was way to confident. Must have been delusional, or wanting get beaten down. When the bystander said “he’s had enough” I thought he definitely needed more. To bad he didn’t get choked unconscious as well.

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