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So my good friend Groundgame got mad about a post I made, called me out and negged me saying that I "like trolling and being a dick".

So here is to my buddy Groundgame who is our authority on everything.

He said

Fuck you and that dick KC.
Since you negged me for calling you out on your shit? We can go there. You talk out of your ass all the time. I was letting it slide, but since we are going to go there, there have been many inconsistencies in your posts IMO. Here are a few off of the top of my head...

true that. They aren't my in-laws, but they damn sure annoy the piss out of me. I hate pretending I like them. I hate the having to see them, and them pretending they like me when I know they talk shit about me. They think because I am a "city boy" that I am shit. Just because I prefer to bathe regularly, and enjoy cable, electricity, convenience, and not living in BFE, there is something wrong with me.They make fun of my BMW and shit, when they drive a raggedy ass Ford. I worked hard for this shit. I put myself through school, and started my own business'. Fuck them. How about I provide a roof to there daughter and grand son. I pay everything, and when they needed out of a financial bind I ponied up the $45,000 to help them.

You would think owing me so much money they would respect me in my house,but no.
Funny thing is I run 3 GNC's. I know shit about supplements, but was handed the stores by my uncle. I will add aim tonight and get you guys added. This shit hit me so fast, I can't believe the weight I let myself put on.
So did you start your business or were you handed it by your uncle?

Shit as soon as I take over as full time owner, I can get you the hookup on anything that is within a month of expiring. My uncle is still part owner, I get 80% he gets the difference, I am in the process of buying him out though.
So he gave them to you? Or you bought them?

And while we are on that note...

ok update. I talked some manager at wal-mart into not only letting me trade the 40 g in ,but also the 60g it took about an hour and a half worth of bitching and refusing to leave. The manager finally allowed me to exchange both for 80 g PS3's. I even got an extra copy of MGS4 with one of them.It cost me only 100 dollars more for the one with the game, and the 60 g still rang up as 499. I will be trading MGS4 in at Hastings or Game Xchange tomorrow.
So you own and run 3 stores, own 5 rental properties, train Jui-jitsu, play all of your video game systems, see all of the movies you review, walk several miles a day, yet you still have a spare hour and a half to haggle at a Walmart?

And now that I think about it....

You own and run 3 stores, own 5 rental properties, and give your relatives $45,000, have $100,000 car, a $50,000 boat, 2 $40,000 trucks, a 1080P tv and BR player in every room of your brand new house, multiples of every gaming system, 7 guns, yet you spend an hour and a half haggling in a Walmart over a $400 video game system you never play, and own 2 of them anyways?

I own and run 3 stores, and I also have 5 rental properties. Soon to have a few more. And that wasn't geared towards you man. Thanks I don't have a pic of the truck as I still haven't gotten it. And I only posted them to shut up the idiots.
I had two cars stolen when I use to live in some apartments about 4 years ago. It is the worst feeling ever. Sorry to hear that man.
From an apartment to 6 houses in 4 years? Not bad.

well guys I put in my vote for Obama yesterday. Time for a change. And why do people not want to have a black president? We already have a retard. I had a lady at the polling place asking me why I voted for a " neeggra" what the fuck is that? These backwards ass hicks in oklahoma are fucking retarded. My house got egged by some good ole boys for having a Obama Biden plaque in my front yard. So the next night I unloaded about 45 rounds out of my M16 just above their truck. Never saw them again.
Sounds like something every business owner with all of your assets would do.


sorry guys I am going to buy this in like 3 hours,so I am trying to find one review at least. I know it's only 40 dollars, but I can use that to go towards a $150 Bowflex Extreme 2. But if this is just as good I will get this.
And you are ultra worried about wasting $40 on a piece of equipment?

well I have been pm'd by a bunch of people assuming. I train at Lovato Jiu-Jitsu and Vale Tudo in OKC.I am a blue belt there. I want to compete soon though. We just had Saulo Ribeiro there a few weeks ago and he gave a seminar. That was cool.
I have tried it. I must say that unless you already have tremendous strength as in doing pull ups and chin ups repeatedly then you will have a hard time with this program. my friend just excelled and got even more ripped than he was. I however could not do the program. I was not strong enough.
So you are a blue-belt that can't do a pull-up?

well I tried Somnidren-GH like submissionist said and I must say that shit had me out like a light. I slept through the alarm for 15 minutes. the second night it only worked for about 5 hours, but still sleeping like that hasn't happened for me since I was 13-14. thanks man. I actually have a friend that got these offline and gave me a handful. now I have to see about ordering them. anyone know where to get them?
You own a bunch of GNC's and need our help ordering a supplement?

Well either way, I have done absolutely nothing to you for you to be a dick. I have been respectful to everyone here. I don't flame and I let shit go. Now I don't know what all happened between him and the other posters here, and I really don't care to know. I am real friends with him and I post with you guys that I don't know.
You went on a witchhunt about GSP being a "cheater" and saying you couldn't stand dishonest people, yet you say you are friends with ifightforaliving, who is arguably the biggest liar most of us have dealt with.

Also, you guys must be such good friends that you share a photobucket account. This was on your photobucket account and looked very familiar... I remember someone else from OKC that said a lot of BS things having this as his AV for several months...



DAMN!!! I started reading this thinking "fuck another thread whining about getting negd", little did I know it would turn into one of the most epic ownings in history. Cant wait for the rebuttal

*starts popping popcorn*



Keep it in this thread only!

Don't let it spill over to any other threads.

Even still, remember to keep the name calling to a level less than myself.


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Okay kc, okay. You can be on the GSP-Penn 3 card with everyone else. My goodness, what an audition. Where's scottsec?


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Isn't groundgame Ifight? That's what I heard and that's why I never read any of his posts. That and I hate someone constantly trying to brag about themselves.

P.S. Did I ever tell you guys I live in a mansion, drive an Aston Martin, own 15 very successful restaurants, and have a 22 inch cock?


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This is basically what just happened in this thread for those that didn't read the epic rape that just went down.


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Him being 'friends" with Isuckcockforaliving is news to me. What makes anyone believe ISCFAL has friends anyway? I believe based on what I've read of KCs post that groundgame is Isuck.

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