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I made a conscious effort to avoid watching this show until it was over and I was able to enjoy the experience knowing I didn’t have to wait week to week, year to year to see what happens next.

We started the series 6 weeks ago and after a season was done, I would come in this thread and read the responses to that season. I really don’t have the patience to wait for the next episode and the anticipation was killing all of you so I know that had I been on board all these years, I wouldn’t have enjoyed it nearly as much as anticipation and eagerness annoys me because I’m so impatient.

It took me about 3-4 episodes before I was completely hooked but once I was, we watched barely anything else in our free time.

I loved the show but I didn’t care for how much you had to see the villains winning before you got a satisfactory payoff. I also didn’t like how nothing gets wrapped up for the most part with each season’s end as the show, to me anyway, felt like one long season instead of eight seasons. That said, with me watching them all consecutively, it wasn’t as much of an issue for me.

I’m glad Dany got hers in the end. I was on board with her in the beginning but the more successful she came, the less I liked her. Her demanding everyone to bend the knee to their queen before she had earned shit really got on my nerves. When Jon Snow went to Dragonstone to meet her for the first time and she insisted on him bending the knee or being labeled a usurper, I blurted our, “can someone kill this bitch already.” I hated her ego BUT I wasn’t expecting her story to end the way it did. I wasn’t rooting for to claim the throne but her going full rogue and killing everyone was a giant letdown and the last season kinda ruined the show for me.

I avoided spoilers all I could throughout this process and right after we started the series I was watching a video from EverythingApplePro the day after the finale aired. He posts YouTube videos about apple news and without warning, he gave away the winning house. I remember being so pissed. I went to check out iPhone leaks and here this dickhead is talking about the ending to the series less than a day after it aired. So I knew the eventual outcome but didn’t know how it would get there.

I was okay with the very end but really wanted Jon Snow on the throne. It’s just so disappointing that Dany went psycho and killed all of those innocent people.

All in all, I loved it but hated the last four episodes. The battle of the white walkers was mind numbingly dull. 90 minutes of a war that you know will end up being a pyhric victory for the good guy reminds me of pro wrestling or those action movies where the good guy and bad guy throw down their weapons to fight hand to hand. They build that shit up for 8 seasons and then spread the war over one single episode. That storyline was tired before the war started.

I doubt I ever watch it again. The ending soured it too much.


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Title of the article is a bit off (maybe technically for GOT, but I didn’t like Martin’s Tuf Voyaging at all). I enjoyed the book. Might be the worst of the GOT universe, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Would be a great show as it follows 300 years (although only 150 or so is done). Dance of the dragons and the conquest will be the best!

I’m excited for the coming shows. I hope this becomes one of them.


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Emelia Clarke said in a recent interview that she was annoyed at the end of GOT because Jon Snow got away with murder. No bitch, he got banished for preventing you from getting away with murder.

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