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Sorry I'm on my phone but BJPenn.com (the tmz of mma sites) has Fedor quoted as saying he coming out of retirement.


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Scott Coker may have just creamed himself.

The Bellator MMA president made contact with former PRIDE FC heavyweight Champion Fedor Emelianenko back in December, but "The Last Emperor" -- who retired from combat sports back in 2012 -- told his old Strikeforce buddy thanks, but no thanks.

A lot can change in six months.

That's according to a statement Emelianenko reportedly made to local outlet Union MMA, announcing his return to mixed martial arts (MMA) later this year, after having the time to recover from nagging injuries and a host of political obligations (thanks to this bromance).

Bloody Elbow has the translation:

"I was able to recover and heal old injuries. The last three years I have maintained physical form, but this level is not enough to go into battle, therefore recently I started intensive training. We have assembled a team of versatile coaches and athletes who will help me in the training process" Emelianenko continued. "There is still work to do to prepare to leave the ring. Negotiations are underway with promotions. Once agreements are reached, there will be information on the date of the fight and rival."

From the looks of this video, he's still got it.

Emelianenko (34-4, 1 NC) hung up the gloves in 2012 after stringing together three straight wins. It was a refreshing turnaround after a disastrous three-fight skid that saw him finished in all three defeats. The longtime Sambo champ was flirting with a shot at UFC superstardom in 2013, but it never materialized (because of this).

At age 38, I'm not sure what "The Last Emperor" can still offer (maybe this rematch?) ... but I would love to find out.

Let's start the bidding at one meel-yun dollars.

smh going to do nothing but tarnish his legacy.


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smh going to do nothing but tarnish his legacy.
Not if it is Bellator. He would still wreck a LOT of dudes on the planet and the ones that he cant arent there.

Losing to two GOATs and a sassquatch, wasnt a skid to begin with.
[DOUBLEPOST=1436909903,1436909676][/DOUBLEPOST]OOps. I feel a merge here would be easier than PRIDE/UFC
[DOUBLEPOST=1436910183][/DOUBLEPOST]Who is he going to lose to? Bobby Lashley? That guy couldnt finish a sentence against a real fighter.


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39 fights in his career and he turns 39 in two months. This is a bad idea.


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He can still hang with the best of them in Bellator. Which is most likely where he'll headed as close as him and Scott Coker are


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Yes cartwheel time! Fuck yeah. America! Unicorns! Happy days. Please be in the UFC.


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Or at least make an appearance with Rusev.
Fedor Udrea. Fedor Machka.
Yes cartwheel time! Fuck yeah. America! Unicorns! Happy days. Please be in the UFC.
I'd be okay with a Cro Cop rematch, Mir, and that's probably it. Nog would've been fun, but I think he should stop fighting already.

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