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] Listened to any thing else by him/them?
Yeah, you'd probably recognize the song from Wolf on Wall Street

I know a few others; haven't gone too deep into their collection though

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NOFX’s Fat Mike taking Cokie The Clown alter-ego on mini tour
NOFX frontman Fat Mike is releasing You’re Welcome, the debut full-length album by his Cokie The Clown alter-ago, on April 26 via Fat Wreck Chords. He made the album with blink-182’s Travis Barker on drums, Guns N’ Roses’ Dizzy Reed on keys, and former Nine Inch Nails member Danny Lohner producing; and now he has announced live shows that will also feature Danny Lohner, plus Johnny Carey (Old Man Markley), Karina Denike (NOFX, Dance Hall Crashers), and Bastien “Baz” Brisson. (Together, his backing band is known as The Fentanyls.)

So far he’s playing just three shows: San Francisco’s Great American Music Hall on 4/20 (tickets), LA’s Whiskey A-Go-Go on 4/22 (tickets), and NYC’s Brooklyn Bazaar on 4/26 (tickets). All three shows go on sale today at 1 PM EST.
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