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Pretty self explanitory.. Just post whatever tune(s)/playlist/cd you're currently listening to.


Still Fly by Big Tymers
11th Hour by Lamb Of God
I Got My Locs On by Ice Cube

Soundtrack of Our Lives - Behind the Music
Oasis - What's The Story (Morning Glory)

I've got a couple of CD's I'm half listening to, but not with any real dedication.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Boards of Canada
Yo La Tengo

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"Dr. Doom" by The Acacia Strain
"Dope Boys" by The Game
"A Milli" by Lil Wayne
"Father of Lies" by Whitechapel

Those are the highlights from my iTunes recently played list.


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The new Slipknot cd beginning to end. I was pleasantly surprised with their direction on this one. After this, I'll probably pop on some bluegrass because that's how I roll.


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I've been on a Kings of Leon and Electric Six the past couple months and I NEVER stop listening to the Raconteurs or White Stripes

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I'm giving the new Walls of Jericho a try. I'm not big on female vocalists, besides Arch Enemy. This is pretty good stuff, though.


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I just started listening to Melpo Mene, some Swedish dude. I got into from a blog where I got the song from the GE commercial by the Chinese girl Cao Fang. Melodic nice sounding stuff. Nothing you would listen to before going to give someone a beat down.


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Blue Oyster Cult: Cities on flames with rock and roll...
The Outlaws: Green Grass and High Tides
KMFDM: Anarchy
Gorillaz: Dare
Weezer: Pork and Beans
Strong Bad: Trogdor
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I'm not currently listening to anything but I just finished playing Madden and the Disturbed song "Into the Fire" is on it and now it's stuck in my head. It's wierd because I've been a fan of there's for a long time but haven't really listened to them in a few years and now, I have that song running through my head constantly.

I'm going to have to listen to something soft, like "An Ocean Between Us" by As I Lay Dying just to get to sleep tonight.

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