Conor McGregor Pulled From UFC 200 (1 Viewer)

Are you happy that McGregor's next opponent is Diaz?

  • No, it should have been Edgar

    Votes: 40 67.8%
  • Yes

    Votes: 6 10.2%
  • No, it should have been Aldo

    Votes: 9 15.3%
  • No, it should have been (other)

    Votes: 4 6.8%

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The Condit win was a great win. Condit might have suffered a freak knee injury but he was getting outclassed and whooped on the entire fight.
You mean all of one round, which happens in Condit fights? He starts slow and then puts a hurting on you. That's hardly a win caused by anything Woodley did.


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I'm so sick of this guy making headlines where there aren't any. The next time I see his name in an article I hope its followed by "...Choked To Death On A Bag Of Dicks"
Not to mention he's criticizing the 145-pound champ and a 155-pound contender for not calling out his retired former 170-pound champion. If his boy has the itch to fight again, maybe they can start by picking on someone their own size?


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Nate Diaz: Conor McGregor's trash talk seemed like 'a lot of scripted stuff'
"It seemed like a lot of scripted stuff was going on," Diaz told FOX Sports' At The Buzzer on Wednesday. "Maybe he was serious about what he was saying, but it sounded like some bullsh*t to me."
"No matter what people say, no matter if he's winning the argument battles or losing the argument battles ... at the end of the day we're still gonna get in there and fight," Diaz said. "I know what I train with and what I work with and what he's working with. And yeah."

The two will meet again in the main event of UFC 200 on July 9 in Las Vegas, MMA Fighting's Ariel Helwani reported last week. The UFC has not officially announced the fight, so Diaz did not mention it on their air during his rounds at FOX Sports on Wednesday, though he did say he'd be willing to "run it back."

Diaz said nothing much has changed since he beat McGregor, the UFC's biggest draw, on March 5. The only thing different is that he has done a lot more media.

"I've been in the UFC for nine years," Diaz said. "I was famous for nine years. I couldn't walk through the mall or Walmart at 2 in the morning without being noticed."

The McGregor fight was so recent that Diaz said he hasn't even really bought anything extravagant outside of a "big bag of cookies."

"The check just went through," he said. "I wonder if they're gonna cancel the check, like, 'You beat our guy, f*cking cancel his sh*t, make him fight again.'"

Diaz said he received a hard copy of the check. He doesn't really believe in direct deposit.

"I want to see the check," Diaz said. "I don't know if that's gonna directly deposit into my sh*t."

The Stockton, Calif., also still doesn't know if the things McGregor said were really legit. He was asked about the "epic" build up to UFC 196 by interviewer Andy Nesbitt and gave a sarcastic answer.

"That was pretty organic," Diaz said.


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Doesn't seem like Connor McGregor is turning down a rematch.

Why make this rematch though? Fight Frankie then make the rematch.

I want to be a muppet. It ain't easy being green.

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